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FA Cup for Europe? ‘Struth…

So Wenger met up with a cohort of other managers with UEFA-big-head Michel Platini to discuss all sorts of flashy things. Every paper now points out that Wenger and Jose Mourinho (friends will be friends) have pushed for the FA Cup to be used as a qualifying device. Rather bizzare, coming from those managers in particular. I expect there to be opposition to this news: I myself would oppose such a measure, as winning the FA Cup, League Cup, Dutch Cup, and whatever other cups there are throughout the continent does not make you ‘a champion’, but a ‘cup winner’, hence the ‘Cup Winners Cup’, now more commonly referred to as ‘The UEFA Cup’. That’s what it’s there for, people. Of course, coming 4th does not a Champion make neither, but if it were back to the old days of Champions Cup, we would all be back to those decades of one-team domination again. Great if you’re that team, annoying as all hell for the rest of the populace.

In news I hate to review, David Dein has gobbled on about Wenger being ‘unsure’ about signing a new contract at first. Why the hell that needed to be said, you can tell me. Dein’s ego is now evident around England (unless you’re Myles Palmer, but of course, he’s still fantasizing about made up phone calls to Wenger’s mobile – no joke), and politically, one would now hope Hill-Wood softens up to Stan Kroenke, who could prove a useful ally on the board (should he be integrated) in ensuring Arsenal cannot be taken over. Here’s hoping, anyway. It is all rather tiring.

A much nicer read, instead, can be found here. Wenger is a great interview, it seems. Better than Myles’ “Exactly” quote, anyway.  In international news, Eduardo Da Silva scored twice for Croatia against Estonia. There should be comprehensive injury reports within the next few days.

Keep the fingers crossed, in the meantime.


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