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Hill-Wood: “It’s Lunacy”…

Peter Hill-Wood has spoken to the media about (I hate to say it) takeover-speculation, saying yet again that the current board have no intention of following the Chelsea-Manchester-Liverpool trail.

Where the papers get the idea of ‘hey, this is something new’ baffles me, but such are the pains of international week. Emphatically, Hill-Wood said:

The major shareholders have no intention of selling and wouldn’t welcome an offer. We will have a dialogue with any principal or major shareholder, if they’ve got some sensible proposals we’ll listen to them.

We have always run Arsenal as a business and kept within reasonable bounds. Most of them are investment people and they’re not buying into clubs because they have the passion for the local team they have supported since they were two years old.

All this nonsense about needing a billionaire to put a whole lot of money in to help shore up the annual deficit is not going to happen — it’s lunacy.

And what else is there to say about it that has not already been said? I doubt Usmanov can push anything the board’s way in manners of convincing argument – the line ‘So I hear you’re a Manchester fan’ would be a good stickler to come up – and for all we know, Hill-Wood could be referring to Stan Kroenke, who ironically has developed an almost angelic aura relative to Usmanov, anyway. Ironies abound, but it’s all guesswork at the moment.

The only other news today is that Emmanuel Adebayor is set to miss up to six matches for Arsenal come the African Cup of Nations, as he has all made nice and friendly like with the Togo FA. So that leaves us with RVP, Eduardo, Bendtner, Walcott, and unfortunately, via Wenger’s advocation, Diaby. Perhaps a loan signing will pop up somewhere. Too far to speculate.

I hate speculation, I should think.


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