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Can’t Wait ’til Saturday…

Oh God, I wish there were proper news to report. As you no doubt are guessing, there’s ‘feck all’, so to speak, to speak on, so to speak.

No injury news, which is a good thing at least, and reasonable enough to start off with. Arsenal.com does their usual international-report, which interestingly saw neither Bacary Sagna nor Gallas take part in France’s 0-0 with Italy. Good, I say. Hopefully they didnt do a ligament on the steps up to the plane.

Sticking with internationals, Stuart Pearce has waxed lyrical about young Theo Walcott with regards to England U/21. Hoorah? Ol’ Stuey says:

He’s the youngest player in the squad and the more starts he gets and minutes under his belt the better for him.

Congratulations to Mr. Pearce for recieving the “Friggin’ Duh™” award. Keeping with young players and internationals, former super-awesome-wowwee-player Hugo Sanchez – now the coach of the Mexican football team – as compared Osasuna-based and Arsenal-registered wonderkid Carlos Vela to the likes of Ronaldinho and and Kaka. Well…yeah, okay. Why not..?

More bigging-up of Arsenal players, this time from a voice that counts just a little bit more than the predecessors, and it’s Arsene Wenger praising the potential of Lukasz Fabianski. Speaking to the official site, Arsene says of Lukasz:

I think Fabianski will be a great keeper. For me he will become the best Polish keeper.

He will get his chance but he is only 22-years-old. So far I have been very, very impressed with him.

 Loaning him out would do bugger all to improve him, frankly. He needs a few years of training first, with the odd game here and there. Once his technique is sorted, then loan options can be expected after next season. There’s another story about Arsenal’s team spirit on the official site, but it’s really getting a bit repetitive, now.

And to all cheer you up, at least know that Tottenham are looking forward to their drubbing. I just want the football to start again. Sigh.

Stay cheery until then. Only a day and a half left!


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