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The Derby is Nigh…

Just hours to go til the first Derby of the season and news is a little quiet on the Northern front, it would seem.

No new injury news from yesterday. To recap, Sagna returns at right back, with Hoyte on the bench providing cover for central or right sided defence, with Gilberto and Toure starting. Flamini should play alongside Cesc, with Rosicky and Hleb as wingers. Eduardo, with a shiny new interview for you all to consume, should be on the bench as well.

A telling quote from Myles Palmer, but only for aesthetic value. Take everything this man says with a pinch of salt:

I really think the title is between Liverpool and Arsenal. If Liverpool blow it, Arsenal will be champions.”

Whoobididoo. Abou Diaby is inviting the inevitable Vieira-comparisons, and does not mind the heavy competition for central midfield. With regards to the competition, he says:

I use my quality. Compared to the others, I am more athletic. The team needs a player of my profile. It is a card to play.”

Finally, Goodplaya makes a good point saying a loss isn’t the end of the world against Spurs, and that a draw is probably the most expected result. Sometimes I hate realism, but it’s a well argued point. 

And that’s your lot. Our thin defence tonight could be our undoing against a Berbatov-led strike force, but if we carry on playing for each other as we have been doing lately, we could run away with it. Either way, let’s not get too carried away, and hope for the best.

Go, you glad-wrap-tastic Reds! (and whites).


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