Table Topping Fabregas and Adebayor Smash Spurs

Scintillating. Absolutely bloody scintillating result. Arsenal top the table with a ferocious win over the Old Enemy, in their backyard, and we head into the Champions League kicking and screaming as the current domestic pace-setters.

It all went a bit crook in the first half, though. Gareth Bale swung in what is now a trademark free-kick, and had the little-englanders (even though he’s Welsh) rabbiting on about how the future is Lily-white when Almunia failed to read the full stretch of the 20-yarder. The crowd goes bananas, and the world’s hottest property in 17-year-old left backs acts all cool and slidey. Nevermind, there was still more work to do as Berbatov got sent clean through late in the first half. He managed to round right past Almunia, only for Kolo Toure to do what he does best, and put in a last-last-last ditch tackle to stop Spurs from going up 2-0.

So trailing at the begining of the second half, Arsenal started to get a very real grip on the game, passing Tottenham out of the possession-stats, until a foul on the left side of the box saw Fabregas tee up a free-kick. The delivery was good enough to see out an onrushing Adebayor, who beat Robinson to the cross to plant the header firmly into the goal for the equaliser. There was a real ascendency to Arsenal’s game, and Tottenham never really looked like they’d threaten.

And then, of course, Fabregas decided to do something that was quite breathtaking. On the 79th minute, van Persie advanced from his own half somewhat sluggishly, sluggishly enough (we’re talking very sluggishly for this to happen) for Jenas to catch up from behind and challenge. Shaking off the jostle, van Persie fed it to Rosicky on the left wing, who passed innocuously to Fabregas in the advancing center. You could see it from a mile away, and that’s exactly where the goal came from. Fabregas lined up a peach of a rocket-shot to beat Robinson who was far too forward, and stood no chance whatsoever against what is easily a contender for goal of the month (did you see any of the crap that was nominated for last month?).

Of course, it would be a contender if it weren’t for Adebayor, who in the 93rd minute justified those who think he could be ‘the other Drogba’ for Arsenal. Denilson broke down a criminally vacant right wing, but offered a very tame shot at Robinson. The rebound fell deep into the midfield to Fabregas, who pinged a pass at Adebayor, who’s first touch was as immaculate as the finish: The ball bobbled in the air, with Adebayor spinning to round-house volley the ball, bulleting it past Robinson just like Drogba did against Liverpool last season. The clock read 94 minutes, it was overkill for the poor, poor, poor, poor liddle Spurs supporters making their way to the exit.

So Arsenal top the table after Liverpool fired a £27million blank against Portsmouth, Chelsea drew a Swiss-bank-account Blank against Blackburn, though Man Utd punched in for a 1-0 over Everton, which I also thought would be a draw.

It begs the question: Too early to tell whether we’ll be title challengers?

Too early is before the season starts. Too early may even be after demolishing a team that should be in the Championship already 6-0 and claiming the world is at your feet. Too early may even be destroying a very poor team that has no right to claim being your ‘rivals’.

Or we may just be starting to etch ourselves into the minds of the pundits who said Arsenal should be very worried of a Tottenham side hellbent on fourth spot.

Right now, our whole side, and all of our support, are hell bent on First.

Savour the day, people.


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  1. Jeff

    Mother fucking legedary blog mate! Let us cry it out from the highest peaks that Arsenal is here to kick ass and take names this year!