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World’s Second Richest Club Sees Kroenke Nightmare

Some moderately good news first, in that Arsenal FC are set to announce total turnover of £180m, placing them behind only Real Madrid, and ahead of Manchester Utd (I think you are reading that right) and Chelsea, to become the world’s second richest club. The increase in turnover is around 50% from last season, and the new stadium is obviously the factor in that.

Cutting no chases here, it’s all put into perspective by Stan Kroenke allegedly selling his 12.2% stake to Usmanov, Red & White and Dein and co. It says two things: One, that Kroenke was never in it for Arsenal but as an investment play-thing, and two – we might be screwed here, boys. Red & White are catching up to that mystical 30% mark, which would spark a take over approach. An economics-drop out myself, I cant say exactly what the board will plan to do, but the price that Arsenal will cost (very near a billion pounds) will mean that no-one could possibly buy us out without eventually leaving in the near future having to cut losses. That type of investment is reserved for the likes of Hewlett Packard and the like – it’s not feasible in a football market, and will seriously, seriously damage the club. Especially when it’s driven by an ego-fueled Dein and a Russian Axe-murdering, Jabba-the-Hutt impersonating, Man Utd supporting Usmanov. Not the Burkinabe Usmanov, obviously, the Russian one. Geez.

I’ll be waiting very impatiently from words from the board in light of strategies of how to deal with this. They better have allies that can safeguard a 50% stake, that’s all I can say.

Moving along to the final story of the day, and in light of the Derby-victory, Arsene Wenger has lavished praise on his players, saying the team loves to play, even with a slender 2-1 lead. In an article in the Times, Wenger says:

I’m very excited with this team because – I don’t know if the word exists – they are ‘playerish’. They love to play and that is something that you feel from the outside. They’re ahead of schedule and have a certain tactical and technical maturity.

Even at 2-1 they don’t go to the corner flag, they continue to try to score. There is an extra dynamic in there because the players feel this is the year in which they have to grow old.”

I wont mention anything about repitition, as we actually have a game played within the past few days to go mental in praise again. Here’s hoping the Sevilla game is a cracker – it certainly is the drawcard of the first round of matches.

Off to work. You all stay well, y’all.




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