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One Game at a time…

Little news to speak of today, bar a handful of player interviews. Cesc Fabregas has urged for caution while we sit pretty on the top of the table. The old adage of ‘one game at a time’ means something to the kid, who says:


We lost a lot of points at the beginning, had to come back, and it was too difficult as the teams at the top did not lose any points.We’re on a good run but have to keep going as this was just one game. It’s just the beginning.


Sure, it’s a bit of a cliche. And just to prove it, Adebayor has gone and said the exact same thing:


We are very happy and we are very confident at the moment, but it is now about keeping it going. We are showing maturity now, every player knows how to play for 90 minutes. We are learning and we are playing good football. The most important thing is taking one game at a time.


Footballers are so candid, eh? Ultimately, the current position on the ladder is to be enjoyed for now – banana skins will present themselves from here on in, and the team cannot afford to get a head full of steam just yet. Though, it should be said that Wenger mentioned last season that this team needs to be top of the table and leading the chase as a litmus test to their potential, instead of having to chase all the time. It’s all very exciting, you see.


On Arsenal.com, Wenger has spoken about Walcott’s prospects for the season:


If you don’t get in the team at 18, 19, 20 doubts start. He’s at an age now where you expect him to exert his personality and turn up in big games. OK he will still look young on occasions but as well it is [time] to show that this guy can be a player.


Walcott certainly proved himself in his appearances against Sparta Prague – the boy looks like he’ll be developing in increments season by season, but what he’s showed so far has been very good.

That really is all there is, today. A final note to say that Sportingo is the most amazingly craptacular site on the net, and they really, really have to get over the nothingness that is Taraabt.

You all stay well in the meantime, Cesc-lovers.




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