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Usmanov may be Speculating, Traore For President

We’ll start with the love-in that’s begun over Armand Traore (broken at first by Reserves and Youths’ Blog) who thought it quite legal to bring a knuckle-duster with him to the Spurs game. Upon inspection, the young French defender was taken into custody for questioning, and has had a private chat with Wenger about it. Sure, Wenger will do the expected chit-chat, but one just has to love the kid for even thinking it ‘legal’. The kid has been released on a caution.

And on a steel horse he rides. In other grim-economic news, Usmanov has gone and increased his stake to 21% of Arsenal ownership, and funnily enough, has  gone on a rampage against the ‘Smear campaign’ waged against him in the media. Interestingly, he has not directly gone on to sue Craig Murray (former British ambassador to Uzbekistan), who incited the bad words and reputation-shattering glory headed his way, but has gone for the servers of Arsenal sites perpetuating the ‘rumours’. Read of that what you will. Wenger, in the meantime, remains unconcerned by the boardroom banter, saying:

I am not concerned about a Russian takeover I am concerned about tomorrow’s game. It will not disrupt anything.

An interesting view from ANR says that Usmanov is merely speculating in the purchase of Arsenal shares, and that a takeover is actually not imminent – in short, they will be sold once Arsenal’s share price inevitably goes up with its publication of turnover results. Why David Dein is now chairman of Red &White, though, is clearly a mystifying contradiction to these ‘facts’. I’ll remain in fetal position for the time being.

 Onto football news, and Seville right-back Dani Alves reckons Seville have the key  to beating Arsenal tomorrow night in the Champions League. With chronic injuries Gallas, Lehmann and Eboue out, perhaps he’s right, but I would always favour my chances against a team that comes to attack and not defend, especially at the Emirates.

As for the game tonight, it should be an absolute cracker. I’m going to be missing it due to work commitments, but I might be able to slip a report in nonetheless. Pulitzer-winning stuff, that. Now to survive this chilly wind and get to the places I need to go. Prediction for tonight? I don’t do predictions, so I’ll just say 7-0 to Arsenal.

I love it when the matches come thick and fast.



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