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Injury updates, and Chelsea’s Disintegration

Bugger-all to report on bar some repetitive noises from the Board, from Wenger.

Oh! And injury updates! How we love those. The Derby County game is looking a little precarious with Hleb, Senderos and Rosicky all added to the injury list alongside Gallas, Lehmann and Eboue. Some serious reshuffling will be taking place, with Walcott the most likely to benefit. What kind of team will we be seeing? Strikeforce, central midfield and wingbacks are secured, as well as Almunia deputising in goal adequately for the time being.

Central midfield, ironically, seems settled with Fabregas and Flamini (having a stormer that’s been widely regarded across the blogosphere), and not Gilberto, who looks like he’ll be playing more central defence than midfield anchor. Harsh to think that Djourou could have been getting more first team opportunities with us than with Birmingham, but there’s no way such coincidences can be planned for.

The Derby County game could see Walcott deployed on the wings, with a choice between Diaby, van Persie and Eduardo for left wing. Not the end of the world with the last two, certainly, but Diaby has looked ever so slightly out of sea on the left. Against the Rams, however, should not be something to worry about too much.

The main news doing the rounds is not Arsenal related at all, and is to do with the wonderful sacking of Jose Mourinho. You wont be seeing any sympathy from me with regards to the disaster that is Chelsea FC, or Mourinho, or his anonymous replacement. A good, hearty, “Bwahaha hahaha”, from this side.

In other news, Edelman has gone on about how good financial life is at Arsenal,  but it’s really all same-old, same-old. More news should be forthcoming come the Derby County game this weekend, though updates could be loose on the ground as I make a trip up north for the weekend. Either way, keep the faith, keep poking needles into your Jabba-the-Hutt dolls, and keep your lives all healthy, please?


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