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Derby destroyed, A lonely Absence.

An apology for the lack of blogging over the weekend. Was out in the wilderness that is North Queensland in the most gloriously isolated parts of the world. Why blog when you can sleep under stars?

A hell of a weekend to miss, though – and we’ll start with the electrifyingly good news that is by now old news: Arsenal demolished Derby County by a hefty 5-0 scoreline to remain top of the table, two points ahead of Manchester Utd (who rode their luck to a 2-0 home win over the disintegrating Chelsea), with a game to play. Feel good? Better be.

The ball started rolling right from the off. You’ve all seen it since saturday, so a quick roundup will suffice for you baying masses. Diaby hit a bullish rocket-shot into the top corner on the 10th minute, and Derby were in for a turgid time. Good to see Abou finally slot one home, his shots have been full of venom but completely lacking in accuracy. Twenty five minutes came (and I’m writing this deliberately mechanically – beating Derby really felt as easy as reading a manual), Fabregas dinked in a smart ball to Adebayor, who rounded the keeper for 2-0, and his first goal.

Going into the second half two-nil up, it was 3-0 after just five minutes. Eduardo was dragged down as blatantly as you’d like, and Adebayor sealed his place as penalty-le-speciale. Fabregas then did an Henry in scoring his sixth goal in as many games with a peach of a shot from outside the box. Even Bywater’s contact on the ball was not enough to keep it out – this kid cant stop scoring, and it’s an absolute joy to watch. Adebayor then slotted himself into Emirates Stadium history by completing the first senior hattrick for Arsenal, chesting down a long-ball to sidle the covering defender and stroke it home past the keeper.

As simple a matche reporte as ye ever shall read.

It’s all very out of date by now, but that doesn’t take away from the fact being on top of the league, leading by two points with a game in hand, and Fabregas and Adebayor on fire. Chelsea of course, remain on fire, but more in a destructive, oh-god-save-our-souls sort of way.  Remarks re: the match can be found here.

The blog will get back up on its feet again tomorrow morning (in about 12 hours, funny that), with some commentary on the Usmanov fallout.  Fat bastard that he is.

Thanks for baring with me. Normal service resumes tomorrow.


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