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Topping All Tables

So many things happened while I was away, not least of all the ‘Usmanov-effect’ which has seen a whole handful of blogs and Peter Murray quoters silenced on the issue. Very soviet of him, and coming from a pinko-commie like myself, that says something. I myself never quoted Peter Murray’s article, but now wish I had – the notoriety is one thing, but it should really get 100% of supporters against the repulsive Red & White shareholder, and his sickeningly delusioned chairman David Dein.

The financial results are being pored over by Britain’s press – to summarise:

  • Arsenal earn £3.1m a match from Emirates-Stadium income.
  • Operating profits are in at £51.2m for year’s end.
  • Completion sales of the Highbury-Square flats project will total beyond £300m.
  • Turnover profit stands at above £200m, a full  £40m and  £50m ahead of Man Utd and Chelsea respectively.

And Dein thinks our future is in jeopardy.

It’s brilliant, brilliant news. The club is justifying it’s Billion-pound valuation more and more, and the irony is sweet to fans praying that Dein spontaneously becomes a Buddhist monk in preference to global capitalism – the irony is all some of us have, it seems.

Peter Hill-Wood commented on the figures, but said some things in lieu of Chelski’s hilarious troubles that would even make Liverpool fans smile:

I found it very surprising Chelsea only had 25,000 for a Champions League game. Our fan-base probably started in the Thirties and it’s been handed down from father to son and so forth. It takes 100 years to build and about 100 minutes to destroy. You’ve got to be very careful you don’t destroy it. Money is irrelevant to history and how big your club is.

Not usually one to kick a man while he’s down, I really, really am revelling in Chelsea’s mire at the moment, as I’m sure a lot of other people are. Furthermore, a lot are finding it quite hilarious how absolutely screwed over Tottenham is at the moment – doom mongers, where are you now?

 Team news prior to the Carling Cup game against Newcastle, and Tomas Rosicky’s hamstring problem sees him out for a fortnight. We’ve demonstrated enough strength in depth to live without him for a little while, thankfully the Liverpool game (October 28) is a month away. Gallas, Eboue, Lehmann, Rosicky all in contention, surely?

The team will see a smattering of youths and reserves – speculation mounts that Lukasz Fabianski will get his club-debut in goal, with Bendtner, Walcott, Diarra and Alex Song vying for places in the starting XI. Sam Allardyce will not take ‘the kids’ lightly, and has mentioned the right things in saying they’re there on talent alone, age being just a number. The home-ground effect will hopefully see the kids through, though Newcastle are a challenge for the young ones, certainly. An interesting prospect of a game.

Right. Now time to go and fix the rest of this poor, freckled site up. I’m sure you’re all smiley and trouble-free?



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