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Hill-Wood, Gallas and Bendtner all Rabbit on…

Good morning, one and all. A hasty blog so that I can actually get to work on time.

Peter Hill-Wood has done a fair bit of talking lately, speaking about takeover prospects, mostly. If Arsene had left after David Dein, he has been quoted as saying, then Arsenal would have been in foreign hands by now. He says:

 “I would have gone, too. I do think about who would we replace Arsene with and I then shut the thought out of my mind because I have no idea. There aren’t many world-class managers and I think we have been extremely fortunate in having the best one there is.


Hill-Wood has also warned clubs that Arsenal will not pay over the odds for players simply because of their new status as the world’s second-richest club – that will be an interesting development come January or June. One to keep an eye on.


Keeping eyes on, very much like the way we follow our reserve players so much – the win against Newcastle is actually more amazing than most are giving it credit for these days. Remember all the hype surrounding Newcastle’s signing of Sam Allardyce, and with all the new money pumped into the club how they might be a force in the Premier League now? Arsene Wenger comes along, with a side written off by all and sundry, and beats them with his second string deliberately.


God, I love the guy.


In other news, William Gallas has spoken about his frustration with his injury-streak during his time with the club, and also how the team is all the better without Henry. With regards to his return, he says:


I will be back but I don’t know when. I don’t want to set a target. We are top of the table, though, and playing well so I want to be part of it.


And lastly, Niklas “Robbie” Bendtner has demonstrated his cocky confidence (and it’s quite infectious) in this article on Sky Sports. It’s all there’s time for today, but matches are coming thick and fast for the moment, so there’s no time for boredom.

No time, I say!


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