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Usmanov Increases Stake

A brief blog as we await a hard-to-call West Ham game tonight.

News prior to the local derby centres around Alisher ‘Take it Up with the Hutts?’ Usmanov, who has increased his stake in the club to 25% ownership. The board have met with Red and White – the meeting being described as ‘constructive’ (how so, Mr Fitzman?) – and reiterated their stance on the lockdown agreement that is in place until April next year.

Usmanov’s purchases are intimidating, certainly, and it would be interesting to know who’s selling up – though that would probably result in their lynching in the late hours of the night. The only ‘new news’ that can come out of this saga is what Kroenke will have to say about all of this – the AGM this year will prove to be very interesting.

The only other news prior to the game of any significance is Wenger’s “I wont buy Superstars for nobody” spiel, which can be found here. I particularly love his comparison of football players to tennis stars, in which Wenger remarks:

What people have problems to accept in football, is that it’s like tennis. You can be No 1 in tennis in March and No 10 in November. Football players are the same.

Not Shankley or anything, but it’s at least a swipe at Ronaldinho, who really is nothing more than the drag-queen of football these days. The longer Barcelona remains a laughing stock (well, at least with Ronaldinho), the happier I am.

A-WHU-29SEPAlmost as happy as I’d be with a win tonight. I’m heading out to a nice open street pub to watch it – and I’ll be flanked by Hammers. Always fun.

Pray to whatever gods you adore to bring about the 4-0 romp we all feel coming. In our favour, of course.


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