The Teuton and the Sun God

News starts today with the cat-fight to end all cat-fights, as Jens Lehmann and Manuel Almunia become embroiled in a shiny game of handbags. Almunia has come out defending his place in the first XI (rightly so), saying there is no need for Wenger to change anything at the moment, as everything’s ‘OK, senor’. Almunia has said:

I have done nothing wrong and I am trying to keep my level high. I believe I am the best keeper now. I would like to play the whole season.

And you can only side with the deity, can’t you? Lehmann’s anger at losing his place is hopefully directed to himself, as he only has himself to blame in the end. It was Wenger’s nor Almunia’s fault those two abysmal mistakes were made, was it?

The thought of Lehmann moving on in January (a possibility) would benefit both parties. Do not get me wrong, should Almunia lose his place (but that would involve us dropping points: “Noooooooo!!!”), a re-invigorated Lehmann fighting to keep a bruised-ego’s place would be fantastic for the defence. But should he move on, it would be for the good of both parties. It is with a rather heavy heart that I conclude that, though. He really is an Arsenal keeping legend.

Moving along, Lehmann and William Gallas will be back in full training by tomorrow, which means they should be ready for the Bolton game, easily. Rosicky and Alexander Song are ‘un-injured‘ but not yet match fit, with Eduardo still having the physio see to his ankle injury.

More from Gilberto as he describes what its like for a player of his stature to be kept on the bench. It’s been beaten to death already, unlike Jens Lehmann, Gilberto will have a major say at some point in Arsenal’s season. He says:

Of course I want to come back and play again in my position in central midfield. But you need to respect that Mathieu and Cesc are playing very well. It is visible to everybody and I need to respect the manager’s decision. I will do my best to return to the team. I will see in the next few games what will happen.

Finally, our ‘Mexican-abroad’ Carlos Vela has spoken about his possible future at Arsenal, while he plies his trade on loan for Osasuna. Vela says:

My objective is to be a world icon like Cesc Fabregas, to learn thanks to Arsene Wenger, and to impose myself at Emirates Stadium. We have talked with Arsene Wenger, our relationship is good.

I want to do well in order to benefit from the chance I am given to play in La Liga.

From what I saw of the U/20 championships, he has a little spark to him that hopefully we might be able to see one day. I will not profess to be an expert nor say “The Future is Bright!” just because I’ve seen the odd clip here and there on youtube, though. Though, if you haven’t already, look him up on there. The future is really bright.

All for now, my patron saints. Sunderland preview coming tomorrow.


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