Wenger Aims Knuckles at the Bladder

Arsene Wenger, famous for his occassional dabbling in club football, has launched a scathing critique on Sepp Blatter’s idiotic idea of restricting foreign players to five in a squad, to hopefully, somehow, mystically improve England’s chances of winning a world cup. It’s been mentioned enough that this is just a guise to make club football a whole lot worse so that the non-improving international variant of the game can remain static but improve by not being as bad as club football. What trollop. what a flaming, ludicrous idea to worsen the game that everyone cares much more about than some pansy international game that bores us to tears as two stupid Italian and French teams play out a tame draw to see a bunch of cheating, diving Italians (they were Italian, not all Italians…but don’t deny they were Italian) lift a trophy that saw their captain named as player of the season over Thierry Henry who had previously run rings around the useless defender. Rant much?

Wenger scathed and scathed away, saying:

That would kill the Premier League. It would certainly no longer be the best league in the world. I would not be happy if somebody told me that I have to say to a player: ‘Sorry, you have the ability to play but you weren’t born in the right place.

Nothing more to say – Blatter’s plans will not get far, and Wenger is spot on. The only person that will probably agree with Blatter are people like Sam Allardyce and Alan Pardew. And the fact alone that they’re being aligned with Mr FIFA will shut them up anyhow. Actually…that’s jumping to too many conclusions. Stupid people.

Gilberto has come out in praise of Emmanuel Adebayor, who, along with Cesc Fabregas, has been nominated for OPTA Player of the Month. Gilberto had this to say:

This season has been a great start for him. He’s shown great quality, holds the ball, wins it in the air and makes the job for the team easier and for the opponents it is very difficult.

In other news, some hazy reports have come out saying Gallas’ injury problems may keep him until the end of October. Directly contradictory to official news (what media darlings are we), that confirm that Lehmann and Gallas are already in full training. A time for some “Dun Dun Dun!”, anyone? That previous report also mentions Hleb wanting to stay at the club for life. So long as you’re not the wrong side of 30, Alex, you’re welcome.

The Sunderland match looks like a colourful one coming up, with fans ready to protest against the Usmanov juggernaut rolling into town. On that note, the board have given Stan Kroenke the whole tour of the works and jerks of the stadium and flat developments. As to the question of Kroenke joining the board, that is a development that, should it happen, will take quite a while yet. Will be interesting to see if he rocks up at the AGM, though. Can we imagine an Anfield-Kop-esque style protest against Usmanov? Well, I’m always one willing to be surprised. Anything weak and lacking in conviction wont do much to stir the Hutt away, people. Anyone off to partake in these things: keep that in mind.

General housekeeping, too. We at Third-Gen listen to our clients consumers well-wishers readers wants, ideas, advice and criticisms, and thanks to Eboue’s Hand (with a name like that, who could not listen up), you wont be asked for your email address when having to comment. I would ask you leave a name to be identified by, though. Keep us nice and acquainted, you know?

Hopefully more team-related news tomorrow prior to the Sunderland game. Might be a night of rugby-union for me tonight, but I’ll be chopping and changing between the Arse-Sunderland and Seth Efrica-Fiji match tomorrow. Whatever your plans all are, do them with dignity. And cheese.


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