A Day Spent with Sunderland

Quick blog today, what with work commitments. Arsene Wenger has come out pleading for focus prior to today’s Sunderland game (being played in the wee hours of Noon-time), with the natural nervousness that comes with having to keep a media-fueled sequence of wins going. Weger has said:


At least we have shown that we have qualities to be in there and to fight for the championship. I always felt we could do that, right from the start. I am not surprised we are doing well, because I had to resist when everyone was saying to me ‘buy, buy, buy’ – and even bye-bye!


 Complimenting to that, Phillipe Senderos has spoken for the first time of note in a while, saying how good it is to see the club challenging for all and sundry – especially remarking on the “we score goals late on” mentality that’s winning the club so many matches at the moment. A quote of note:


The team says and the manager says that we have to look after this atmosphere that is going at the club at the moment, you know it is something that can go quickly and you have to keep that going and wanting more, as well every time we train and every time we play. “This team has something that can bring us to the top and we have to keep up.


 Possible squad today will see Almunia in goal despite the protestations of Lehmann. Senderos’ chatting away to the press might indicate that Gallas is still freshening up, so it will be a backline of:H-SUN7OCT




====van Persie=Adebayor====


Not the hardest to pick out in the end, but hopefully Gallas and Rosicky will at least be on the bench. Sunderland are going to be organised, disciplined and hard in the tackle. I’ll be surprised at a hefty-scoreline in our favour, it could easily be anoter 1-0. That’s assuming we win, of course. All sequences come to an end; it will be interesting to see how long this team can keep this one going.


Keep flying the flag, honeybunch!


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