Tevez Would Not Get Into Arsenal’s Line-up

Now that’s what you call honest blogging intentions. That nifty headline would ordinarily be found on some well-publicized blog on NewsNow trying to attract as many hits to it as possible to sell holidays in Phuket. Well not here, dear readers! Here at ThirdGen, we’re unlucky  too lazy  not bitching enough  unfortunately not on NewsNow (yet, anyway), so Mr Headline here is an actual genuine belief in this here blog here here blog here.

Carlos Tevez, world famous for being an Argentine striker having won nothing at all, has said that while Arsenal may be in the lead of the current title race, Man Utd will be top come end of May. Now, while that may not be out of the question at all (far too early to be labelling us champions already – the very notion is rediculous at this stage) , the very notion of ‘We’re Man Utd, therefore we’ll win’ reaks of Real Madrid/Barca/Milan thinking.

The ‘important’ games are still to be played, says Carlos, and Man Utd shalt triumph because they have the best player in the world in the form of Christiano Ronaldo. This is the same player who was an absolute no-show in the ‘Top Four’ clashes, and got rings run around him by a young Cesc Fabregas. Even Thierry Henry decided to ‘show up’ against Man Utd, if that gets your goat. So to Carlos, to quote Dylan Moran: “Hop it.”

Speaking of Thierry, he’s had a lovely interview speaking about how much he misses London. In it, he says:

I would rather go back in a non-playing situation and be able to enjoy it. I don’t want to get drawn against Arsenal in the Champions League this season. That would not be a proper way to say goodbye to the fans. When I go I will probably just sit in the stands. I won’t walk out on the pitch or anything like that.

The focus should be on the team and I don’t want to draw any attention away from them and what they’re doing. They will be playing a game and I want to respect that.

Diva enough for you, Myles? There’s no doubting the love he still has for the club, and it would be lovely to see Henry back in that capacity, strictly. I like how he mentions he hopes Barcalona and Arsenal do not meet up in the Champions League – I’d suspect because we have a knack for unexpectedly topping our ex-players one way or the other. And no, Ashley Cole: pumping your fists in the air after salvaging a draw against your old club at Stamford Bridge isn’t much to gloat over.

But I hear you all crying out for some more positive, refreshing news…well, there’s plenty of that. Let’s start with the team-related stew, which has Emmanuel Adebayor going ape (“no more monkey refs, please..!”) about his partnership with Robin van Persie. Interestingly, we have not seen a match where both of them blitzed a team together comprehensively. Their scoring streaks have come in fits and spurts, seperate from each other, but what matters for now is that the goals have been produced when it matters. Ade says:

There is no jealousy. If it is not me who scores then it is going to be him.

The interview itself has a lot more about what I’ve already mentioned. That quote just stood out to reflect the ‘fits and spurts’ analogy, I guess. Perhaps I should stop stalling and get on with the show.

More happy-pill lines of thinking comes in the form of Bacary Sagna, shorn of his famous locks, saying that the critics at the beginning of the season have spurred this team on to the summit of the league. Bacary says:

The pre season critics gave us some energy. People tell me that our football is flamboyant, impressive and quick. That is right, sometimes I watch it.

It fills me with great joy and relief to know that our first-choice right back is watching our football. I think nothing more needs to be said.

A quick round-up of international news sees Mathieu Flamini hoping his good form carries him into the French national squad, while William Gallas and Jens Lehmann, revealingly, are expecting to be selected for their respective national teams. Just so long as there’re no injuries, they can do whatever pleases them. Flamini certainly deserves an appearance for his country, it must be said.
Finally, Manchester City defender Micah Richards has said it would be a dream to one day play for Arsenal. You and a thousand of us, Micah. Expect him to one day pull on a Spurs or Manchester Utd jumper in the future.

I hope that was enjoyable. Always a pleasure to write for you, my fine little pirates. Play safe, now.


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  1. (artist formerly known as)eboue's hand

    Tevez is as wise as he is handsome. What a privilege it is to be informed of the outcome of the Premier League race at this early stage.

    Carlos, as the King of the Spartans says to the ugly, little, hunch-backed freak in The 300, “May you live forever”.