Flamini go ‘Rawr!’

Quick one today before I scamper off to work.

Kolo Toure has talked about how the team have labled Matthieu Flamini ‘Gattuso‘ – the only difference being he’s not nearly as homocidal, and tends to ‘not dive’, you see. Kolo says:

Thanks to him, in defence we are rarely put in trouble. That is why we call him Gattuso. He is a real marathon runner, he runs everywhere. He has a fantastic heart and fights for everyone. He is involved in any clash, but only for the good of the team.”

The benefits of Flamini over Gilberto are becoming more clear to see by the match: Fabregas has much more freedom to press on the attack with Flamini harrying defenders in their own box, while the opposition has less time to come at us than with Gilberto, who sits and sweeps up attacks instead. Food for thought from Toure if the defence is ‘rarely put in trouble’, though. You’d think their knees were made of jelly if on the rare instance they are pressured, a goal is conceded, by our record.

Perhaps Mr Gallas might change some of that, who has come out apologising for his cockeyed lack of smiling in training rooms borne out of the frustration of not playing games while injured. Now that was a long sentence. Point being, he obviously is not a genuine Chelsea player, in that he does not like sitting on the bench just receiving a paycheck every week. He’ll probably play a bit for France whenever the internationals come up (am far too indifferent to diarise when they are), though he had these words of advice for Gael Clichy, who is still, unbelievably, yet to receieve an international call up. Gallas says:

[Clichy] has to be patient now, and I know what he is feeling because I was in the same position as him when I was at Chelsea and all I can say to him is to be patient because it [an international call-up] will come.

Fran Merida’s sneaky move from Barcelona to Arsenal has been caught up in some retrospective red-tape, as Barcelona are demanding (through the courts) £2.2million in compensation. Barcelona, which is ‘More than a Club’, remember, have sued a 17 year old player the grand total of that £2.2m, though Arsenal, sneaky bastards that they are, will foot the bill. The charge includes ‘future value’, as if capitalism couldn’t get any more ridiculous. What really makes it unfair on the player is that the rules were the rules, at the time, and Arsenal compensated Barcelona a court-decided amount at time of signing Merida. Why do we have to deal with that circus?

In other news, Nicklas Bendtner has again voiced concerns over his first-team potential for selection. The young Dane feels that with competition for places for strikers’ positions, he may have to move on in the future to a different club. He says:

There might be problems with my form in a few months, but I might also get more playing time. I will stay at Arsenal to fight for my chance and in case it doesn’t work, I will join a different club permanently.

Playing time can be guaranteed with a Carling Cup run (look what it did for Diaby), though by now we’re probably all used to Bendtner’s big boots and view of himself. He’ll get his chance, though should he move on, hopefully we can extort an Anelka-esque fee out of someone for him.

And finally, Wenger is ‘apparently’ interested in signing Robert Green from West Ham – that rather good English keeper from down the road. Load of bollocks? Bucket of tripe? Boring tosh? You’re all wrong, it’s a stewed pile of rabbit-poo. Class dismissed.

Didn’t you hear me? I said ‘Class Dismissed.’


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