Lehmann – What to make of you, Old Chum?

I really am quite bemused as to find more to say on Jens Lehmann. We all know about his gaffs. We all know that Almunia has not really put a foot wrong so far (though you think at least one of the Sunderland goals conceded was save-able), and we know he’s got Germanic concerns for the end of the season and needs game time.

By God, he’s being tiresome. Reportedly, he’s going to start the next game, because he’s Jens Lehmann, and stuff. What really, truly irks me about his attitude is that this young team has had to take on a lot of responsibility and avoid all sorts of feel-sorry-for-myself thoughts after Henry and Ljungberg’s departures. Jens is sitting pretty in the dressing room demanding a position to be handed on a plate for him, after a drastic loss of form to boot. No one gave us the leading position in the league – our fixture list has been easier than others so far, granted – but it has come through our own graft and guile more than anything. Flamini is holding Gilberto at bay, Hleb staving off Eboue, and Fabregas had Patrick Vieira to contend with many moons ago.

Jens Lehmann, as much as I’ve gone ape and loved you since you arrived at the club, I have but this to say: “Shut up.”

Right, that rant’s over, onto the rest of the news. Fabregas has waxed lyrical over Robin van Persie’s partnership with Adebayor, which has been covered to death lately – you can read the interview here. In another interview, with a far from flattering headline, Lassana Diarra was labled as ‘too small’ in his old club Nantes before moving on to Le Havre, and then Chelsea. I know – rollicking news worthiness there. After his performance against Newcastle in the Carling Cup, I say what the hell does size matter? So long as it’s not another Shaun Wright-Phillips, thanks.

In other non-news, Wenger has said the new ‘Castrol-stats‘ that are coming into play will make life more groovy for him. If it’s groovy for you Wenger, it’s groovy for me.

A quiet day on the whole, then. It’s blisteringly hot here in Brisbane. Some reprieve would be very welcome, but alas. I’m hunting for houses – it’s far more newsworthy than Diarra’s ‘smallness’, I think. Enjoy yourselves, wherever the rest of you are.

Late edit: The Gooner Gazette is out on Arsenal FC Blog’s site. And it really has had an excellent start – please support a great initiative in the Arsenal Blogging realm.


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