Arsenal to host UEFA Cup final?

There is no news….It’s rather soul-destroying today of how little news there is.

News of Cesc? This is as much as you are going to hear about it from me, anyway – yet again he’s been tapped up by the Spanish press, with completely made-up quotes of Cesc asking his agent over the phone whether Barca have come calling yet. It’s absolute tosh, the lot of it, and is extremely frustrating to have to report on. So now you know. Don’t listen to the Spanish Press. Listen, instead, to the glory that is Third-Gen, we offer tea, biscuits, and Absolute Truth, as long as you vote for me and pay me money.

The only ‘real’ news this morning is the club’s bid to host the 2010/2011 UEFA Cup Final. The bid’s been put in alongside competition from a host of European clubs (well, duh), though you’d think with the most prominent bid being Landsdowne Road – currently being rebuilt – we have a good chance of getting the thing. Will be good for the stadium’s profile, the club’s profile to a lesser extent – but it’s ‘real’ news, and just goes to show how desperate I am.

To end off, William Gallas has gone on about how some people teased him about Scotland beating France. I fully, fully, fully, fully feel for you, Willy.Really, I do.

Pathetically short one today. It’s just indicative of the amount of news available to us this morning.

A side note to say that tomorrow’s blog will be fairly late, for various reasons. Here’s hoping for a string of crappy transfer speculation revolving around Jermaine Jenas to join Arsenal for twenty million. Of what currency of that he’s worth, I’ll leave you to figure out. Stay well, hogs.


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