Adebayor Will Remain With Arsenal come January…

Super lite and crispy, today.

Starting with the news that Togo, now eliminated from African Cup of Nations qualifying, will see their striker Emmanuel Adebayor enjoy a full season uninterrupted with Arsenal (injuries aside), without any international commitments in January/February. Brilliant news, (unless you’re Nicklas Bendtner) which is one less worry for our season. We will miss Kolo Toure, though. Sigh.

William Gallas has spoken about how great it was for the team when Wenger signed a new contract (bit late for that news, surely?). Furthermore, Eduardo scored for Croatia (again) against Israel to boost their qualifying chances for Euro2008 (hooray), and there’s a nippy little interview with Thierry Henry over the prospects of being drawn against Arsenal. Watch it just go right on ahead and happen, dammit.

And that’s your lot. Must run – for any rugby union fans out there, you better be supporting the Springboks tonight.

Au’voir, for now.


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