Rosicky’s Injury Troubles, Armand’s ambition

Am pressed for time today, so it’s a quick, short round up of very little news available.

The Czech national team doctor reckons that Tomas Rosicky’s injuries are of a strain inherited from his early child days – and that England’s physiotherapists are not as capable as German ones. Obviously that will incense more Englanders than it will Johnny-come-lately foreigners like myself, – the doctor, Pavel Kolar says:

I think that in England medical prevention is not at such a level as in Germany. At Arsenal it is not at such a level as it is for example in other European clubs. Tomas must do the exercises on his own. Perhaps it would be better if Arsenal knew about his problems but I don’t solve this. It is Tomas’ personal thing.

 In other news, Traore reckons a loan wont be as helpful as staying and fighting for his place in the Arsenal side -best of luck to him I say; The Sun reports on Lehmann’s inevitable dissapointment come his non-existance-of-place in the first XI against Bolton, and Thierry Henry is off to America.

That really is all there’s time for – by summary, you can see there was not much to report on anyway.

More news when it comes…



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2 responses to “Rosicky’s Injury Troubles, Armand’s ambition

  1. Ian Musgrove

    I think Pavel Kolar does not know what the fuck he is talking about.

  2. (artist formerly known as)eboue's hand

    I think I couldn’t care less what Pavel Kovlar says and that Thierry Henry has hit upon an excellent pension scheme