The AGM is Nigh, and Ramos needs some Cesc

It’s the eve of the club’s AGM, and we’re all expecting some kind of world shattering news to come out of it. Red and White will have their representatives there for sure; the politics revolving around the board answering questions with the hideous presence of Usmanov lingering will be both enthralling and important – but one can only really give a review once it’s actually come and gone.

Wenger has spoken prior to the return to regular league action this weekend, saying it’s nothing but a ‘huge pleasure’ to work with the returning squad once more. He says:

We have shown some great games since the start of the season and I even feel we can improve, so I am keen and impatient to get them back here so we can go on with what we have started.”

It certainly will be good to have normal service resumed in the club-football department. I know a lot of football fans despise ‘the other football that doesnt involve the feet much at all’, also known as Rugby (Union), but I have at least been able to keep myself entertained with the Rugby World Cup (a game, like it or not, which still has international matches that count), particularly as the Springboks should win it (apologies to my English readers).

What is not a pleasure are the continuous Cesc rumours – Real Madrid have now jumped on Barcelona’s bandwagon in saying they’ll do all they can to bring Cesc to Real Madrid. It’s as if the poor kid’s lying bedridden in hospital, dying of something nasty, and only the Spanish angels can save him from the mire that is Arsenal Football Club. Poor lad. Give him banana.

Sergio Ramos, highly-overrated defender of Real fame, would personally love to see Cesc join his club, as it would, like, be so much better, man:

Anything that would improve my team I think would be good, and for his quality and his characteristics Cesc would be very well received at Real Madrid

Real Madrid can go on ahead and die. Barcelona can go and wilt, for all I care. UEFA will do bugger-all about any of this, as you can attest to through reading the shortlist of FIFA player of the year. Spanish and Italian teams dominate – ignoring the fact that Italian teams and their players have it a lot easier, seeing as all the other minnows are paid off and will never give them a fight.

This particular article is particularly hilarious (lot of ‘particular’s in there). I quote:

Cesc is a big fan of Schuster and holds a subscription to Real Madrid TV at his London home. Indeed, he enjoys watching games from the late 1980’s featuring the German bossing Real’s midfield.”

Where on earth do they get this manure from? Complete and utter lies – how does this get onto NewsNow is anyone’s guess. Fed to the teeth is what I am. It doesn’t even warrant a response. All it gets. All it deserves. Zip, Negha, Nada. Niente.

In other news, Kerrea Gilbert has gone and blown his relationship with the coach at Southend, not even making it into the first XI there. Bang goes any chance he had at Arsenal – slightly bemusing, given how gifted he appeared when he made the first team during that bad stretch of injuries in 05/06. So begins the end.

On a final note, Arsenal have been shortlisted for the ‘Visit London’ awards, after giving over 100,000 tours to the new Emirates Stadium. We’ll be having a bulging trophy cabinet, at this rate.

Hopefully there’ll be some interesting, thought-provoking, revealing news tomorrow on the AGM. Until then, sit tight, my young apprentices.



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5 responses to “The AGM is Nigh, and Ramos needs some Cesc

  1. Ian Musgrove

    Everyone seems to be missing the point with Usmanov – he is heading for 60 and is grossly obese.

    He is not, as my nan used to say, ‘going to make old bones’. Therefore he is not going to be around to cause Arsenal long term problems.

  2. Stanley Kroenkie

    I had the same thought Ian, but he is only 53 I believe…

    Still I was unable to find any statistic re. life expectancy of cigar smoking obese Uzbekis!

  3. Nick

    Forget his age. He’s a hideous fat C*nt. We dont need him.

  4. Dan

    That whole real madrid subscription thing is bollocks anyway. because you get it for free on sky. cause i have it. the lieing scum.

    utter utter scum.

    nice blog.

  5. Thinker

    I heard Jabba the Hutt was based on Usmanov.