Dreaming of Proper Internet Coverage one day…

Disastrous past two days for Thirdgen, as internet access failed me over two major news days for Arsenal Football Club.

Firstly, the AGM – which saw the board members all extend the lock-down agreement to 2012, only allowing the sale of shares permitted by board members to process through. The fineprint of the lock-down will allow Arsenal fans to conglomerate and buy shares in the club, under the blessings of the Arsenal board, while Usmanov is effectively frozen out from buying anything near a majority stake.

During the AGM, a bronze bust of Arsene Wenger was unveiled to the manager’s complete surprise, in a ceremony with Arsene’s wife, Annie. The class of the club really shone through in the whole affair, and even David Dein was applauded for his contributions prior to the club – though ANR will give you a much more skewed take on it all. Sarcastic laughter? There’s no way Dein would have that kind of popular support in an AGM, regardless of the contribution.

Then of course, there was the match against Bolton. A 2-0 victory that only really came about late into the second half, as Bolton tried to (predictably) stifle our attacking play, to no avail. A daisy-cutter from Toure and a brilliant, dancing flick from Rosicky after sensational work from Theo Walcott got the goals in a relieved Emirates Stadium. The man of the match, by miles, was Alexander Hleb, who literally grated Bolton’s cheese with amazing passes, dribbled sensationally, and who was such an ominous threa, he nearly singlehandedly applied the siege on Bolton’s defence. Walcott and Rosicky get special mentions, too – Walcott’s pace was breathtaking when he came on – the way he motored past defenders as if they weren’t there was amazing, and Rosicky added some peppery dribbling and a wonderful finish late on to seal the match.

News to update you with this morning centers around Theo Walcott, who Wenger has given a glowing review of after some crucial substitute apperances in the last few matches. Wenger says of him:

He has found the injection of pace he had before and he uses his body better. When you see what he brings when he came on, you are very excited. I see him playing through the middle eventually. He saw how little forgiveness there is when you don’t perform. As a young kid, you don’t imagine football is like that. You need to give people time and allow them to see what’s important in the game.

Wenger sees Walcott and Eduardo as having important roles in the here-and-now, with van Persie’s injury outage yet to be wholly confirmed – some say four weeks, others six, and a few others say ‘a lot longer’. Very worrying, and whatever the news is, he’ll miss the Liverpool and Manchester Utd matches, certainly.

In other news, it’s Wenger’s birthday today – and the poor man plans to watch Newcastle take on Tottenham in the evening. In a modest interview, he talks about how he’ll be taking it easy with a glass of wine, of all things. Happy Birthday to the man, say I.

Back to the regular reporting tomorrow – including fixing up the links in the site. Hope you didn’t miss me too much.



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3 responses to “Dreaming of Proper Internet Coverage one day…

  1. Nick

    Walcott was really effective this time. If he can do this for some more matches it’d be great. We’ll surely be in a similar situation more times in this season and that’s where he can be important.

  2. (artist formerly known as)eboue's hand

    I’m a little worried by how poor eduardo was on saturday. I’m just glad he’s managed to get a couple of goals for us fairly early on because otherwise people would be asking questions by now. I’m sure he’ll come good but on saturday’s evidence Walcott is a better option to start against Liverpool. Hyypia would shit himself against that kind of pace. But hopefully Eduardo will prove me completely wrong ang bag a hat-trick. Theo definitely deserves at least another 30 minutes against Slavia on Tuesday though

  3. Stanley Kroenkie

    Dude, don’t listen to Myles Palmer over on ANR – that is a man who would brings new meaning to the phrase: ‘Would like to have sex with himself’.’

    Just do a search for his name on amazon and read the reviews for a take on him.