Gallastrophic Diarra, Slavia Preview

Lassana Diarra ArsenalQuick one today, as deadlines and whatnot push me further into marginalized oblivion.

Lassana Diarra has come out complaining of his lack of first team appearances since his transfer-deadline day move from Chelsea. Diarra has said:

When Wenger signed me, he knew the player I am. I’ve been in this kind of situation before, so it’s not new to me. I’ve waited for a long time, but I’m 22 and cannot wait as I have in the past. I know Arsenal are a very good team, playing good football and top of the league, but I want to play. If I’m not playing by Christmas I may have to go somewhere else.

First Bendtner, and now Diarra – the latter of which has barely been at the club for two months. Many other blogs have mentioned that during his signing for the club, it surely must have been evident to him of the sheer competition in our central midfield. Patience is all I can recommend to the kid, who showed quite a bit of talent (and proved yours truly quite wrong) in the Newcastle Carling Cup match. Look no further than Nicolas Anelka.

Super-Captain Gallas wants trophies, apparently.

When you start the season and start winning game by game, you believe in yourself and the squad. Now all the young players know we can do something and they really want to win because if you don’t win anything there is no point.

While there may be differing opinions across the blogosphere, Gallas’ attitude has improved into captain-material – if he’s the one to give Fabregas, Bendtner and Senderos kicks up the backside, then so be it. There is another article lingering around in which he quite chuckle-tastically rips into Chelsea, yet again. Have a read, do.

Wenger has urged caution and a fight against complacency in the lead up to tonight’s match against Slavia. The manager says:

It’s a typical, tricky tie. We could think that, because we beat Sparta Praha, we’ll beat Slavia too. But the Champions League doesn’t work like that. We needed to dig deep to beat Steaua. Slavia also beat Steaua and they scored two goals at Sevilla. This is another good mental test.

23OCT SLAVIAInjury news sees Senderos and van Persie still out with back and knee problems respectively. With regards to van Persie, his absence has been confirmed to last anywhere up to six weeks, now. The match tonight will probably see the following line-up:






Personally, I cannot wait to see Hleb back in the old role of his from the beginning of the season – his form in the Bolton game was exemplary, and now put in a support striker role, should see him get a good seventy threatening minutes under his belt at the very least, against a side ‘hoping for a miracle or two‘.

And a final note to the indignant crap that is Talking Soccer. The people (or person) running that blog are simply advertising-laundering idiots, who I only name now because of the late epiphany I’ve had with regards to their fascination with exclaimation marks. To demonstrate, here are some headlines of theirs from NewsNow:

Arsenal boss praises Eastern rivals!!!!
Former Arsenal star a target for Chelsea and Man City!?
Arsenal boss not interested in England job!!!
Man Utd and Arsenal track Benfica starlet!!?!?!
Man Utd to beat Arsenal to £20m ace?!?!
Arsenal boss backs Walcott, Eduardo and Bendtner to shine!
Arsenal boss rules out US Tour!!!

Talk about a headache, not to mention some seriously old news on that last headline. Most of it is completely unreportable. Anyone attracted to the exclaimation marks: You’re a damn fool. Don’t support those idiots.

That’s me for the day. Here’s hoping for a convincing win – in truth I’d take anything, but something to give us some rhythym ahead of the Anfield clash which -whisper it – we could possibly be considered favourites for. Such controversial thinking shall be elaborated on tomorrow – though it is dependent on whether we win tonight, and injuries. Until such times…


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  1. Ian Musgrove

    Is the Spurs push to pip us to 4th place, and take over the mantle of being ‘The’ North London football club off for this season?