Liverpool Confirm my Suspicions…

A quick one today, as I really have to run everywhere.

Manuel Almunia has shrugged off the blatant horse-spit from Jens Lehmann, saying he does not envy the position that Lehmann is currently stuck in. Almunia says:

If I read the papers and listen to what other people say about me and all these things, then I will turn crazy. I don’t want that. When I’m playing well I honestly don’t mind other things that are happening. “Maybe if I was playing badly I would be more worried. But now for me life is fantastic and I want to take my chance.

The other news centres around the mass-hype-market now surrounding young Theo Walcott, which is as predictable as it was inevitable. With all the calls of ‘Theo for England’, we can only really hope the kid keeps his feet on the ground – already, he’s had to say ‘Im not the New Thierry‘ to the rediculous circus that is The English Media™.

Most of you will know that Liverpool lost 2-1 in Istanbul this morning/last night (Australia/Europe)…not only will they now have to travel back home with one day less to prepare, they will be facing a furiously-in-form Arsenal side, looking to get past a very much past-it Sami Hyppia. I’ll keep the hyperbole for tomorrow, maybe.

In other news, Robin van Persie has gone about how we’re ‘not as flashy‘ as the other big teams, but play better football, and there’s some crap about Juventus wanting to buy William Gallas. One day, broken promises, one day – I shall rip all these rumours to shreds. Why bother, some may ask. Otherwise, Liam Brady – Arsenal’s Academy manager and arguably the greatest Irish player ever, is considering taking on the job of Ireland’s coach.

All for now. Must run, diddums’.



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3 responses to “Liverpool Confirm my Suspicions…

  1. Nick

    I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but liverpool might put in a good performance after this defeat. The match will be as tough as it could get and we’ll have to work our ass off to win at their ground.

  2. Ian Musgrove

    Liverpool have far more to lose than Arsenal.

  3. ThaGhostt

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