Budget Blog, with Stan!

A late blog today that will see a few upheavels in my schedule, which means tomorrow could have an even scant-er blog, or none at all. The Liverpool preview will come Sunday evening, Australia-wise, in all likelihood.

Stan Kroenke was in London this morning for a conference, with David Dein curiously in tow. He responded to takeover speculation, with some quirky things to say to boot, though none of it is exceptionally quotable. It can all be found in this article here.

Gallas has praised Wenger for the style and panache of the current side’s play, which is all well and good, and very repetitive. Finally, a bizzare pair known as Laudrup and Jensen (oo’ eva ‘erd of ’em?) want to manage Arsenal, one day. As a pair, mind you. Most bizzare, and will probably never happen. Le Tissier has gone on about how wrong he was in his predictions for the season (sorta), and This Particular Player is back for the Anfield clash -which could spell a much better Liverpool opponent. Not so confident now, eh?

A very budget blog today. I plan on it improving after the weekend, though – more time, you see. You see? Yes! Of course you all do…


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  1. Daniboy

    The Silent war eh!? hehe

    Good luck for what its worth tonight my SA/LONDON/Aussie/Unrelated brother…. i sincerely hope your team forgets to play and that you lose by 10 as i’m you also feel the same back!!!!
    Gonna be tough, may the best team win and may the Ref have no say….. thats the best we can hope for!!!!

    I think Liverpool 2-1