‘Pool Preview – Arsene Tries to Cover up Jens’ Antics

Only a few hours to go before the Liverpool-Anfield match. I cannot wait for it to begin.

Players have been talking, and Cesc Fabregas has been saying Arsenal ‘cant play perfect football all the time’. More specifically, he says:

If (your tactic) needs to be ugly then you have to be ugly. Not ugly as in kicking and fighting – but in battling it out to make sure you win the game by being the strongest, physically and mentally. It’s not the way we want to play but if we have to of it, then, this time, we are ready. It is winning these sorts of games that delivers the titles.”

Alongside this, Wenger has spoken about how Arsenal have matured as a side – what would be a blaringly obvious remark is spoiled remarkably by Jens Lehmann’s delusionary ramblings. He has now said that ‘while he made two mistakes’ that we all know of, he has counted similar mistakes by Almunia. Did. Not. See. That. Sorry, Jens.I wont even bother quoting him on this. Read it here, instead.

Prior to the Liverpool game, Jermaine Pennant has gone on about how he was left out of Arsenal’s side because he was English. Sorry, Liverpool (and my Pool supporting friends), but as much as we all like Steven Gerrard, he makes a group of two (coincidently, English) players alongside Pennant who will defer responsibility of their own failings for something completely trivial (and overused, in Pennant’s case). Gerrard, of course, you will remember, blamed England’s failings in the World Cup for the fact they chose Walcott in their squad, who didnt play any minutes to be blamed for the abysmal Football side that is The Three Lions. Walcott, a very English lad, will be featuring in tonight’s match, of course.

As for tonight, my fervour for the match remains – though I always get a dose of pragmatism leading up to one. It’s Liverpool at Anfield, and in a way, that’s all that needs to be said. It will be tight, and probably not as blown out of proportion as I might have enthused earlier in the week. All the same, Im heading off to the Man Utd-supporting Uncle’s to watch the game. And it’s for that reason that we’ll win. Or something. Either way, it’s always a highlight of the football calendar, this fixture.

So put on your scarves and cheer on those REDS.


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