Nothing Changes: Gallas Chirpy; Man Utd ‘The Best’.

Morning, all. Today’s blog brought to you by William Gallas Quotes, freely available via the Ctrl-V combination of keyboard presses.

William Gallas – Captain-Blocktastic – has said that teams will be fearing Arsenal after their Anfield Draw on Sunday. Elaborating, he says:

We had not lost a game and we had just won 7-0. That can help you a lot. Liverpool were maybe a little bit afraid of us and a lot of top teams will be afraid of us again. We showed we can play well, we can score at any time and we can handle the physical game as well.

There are some subtleties to our team strategy that are lost on a lot of people, mind you. My Man Utd supporting uncle just ‘doesnt get’ what the hype is about Fabregas (even though he’s scored 10 goals already this season), and the passing style, while praised to high heaven by several pundits, isn’t the same as a bunch of phony step-overs and Wayne Rooney on the cover of the FIFA games. Point being: we often still have a style that can be underestimated by a lot of teams. Gerrard, Torres and Carragher make a nifty Championship Manager team. Ours doesn’t…I hope the point is evident.

William Gallas has also praised Francesc Fabregas Soler, or ‘Cesc Fabregas’ for short, saying in time, he will be recognised as the best player in the league. Gallas has said that this will require personal management of his exertions out on the field, saying:

He has to know sometimes when he is tired, to not play a physical game because sometimes when they are young, they like to touch the ball too many times. Cesc has to save his energy, but he can be the best player.

And it’s not just Gallas rabbitting on about young Arsenal players. Former Arsenal hit man Davor Suker has cast his eye over Arsenal’s young team, and says that it can go places. Davor says:

In the next two to five years, Arsenal will dominate in Europe. They have young players with great talent. I know when Arsene Wenger puts something in his head he will do it and I wish him the best. He’s one of the best coaches I had in my career.

Controversially, Davor Suker also says this team can go unbeaten in the league, but I dare not quote that. It’s there to see in the article, but going unbeaten is not the priority of this season, nor should it be the priority of any season (if it happens, it happens [once and once only]). Winning the league is clearly what must be achieved, and if we lose one or two games along the way while nutting Man Utd 2-0 in the process, well, all the more happier for my watching.

Owen Hargreaves has come out warning that Man Utd are confident going into Saturday’s game at the Emirates Stadium, and insists they are still the number one club in the country. While I’m not one to pick a fight *snigger*, I’d like to take a moment to reminisce on Manchester Utd’s scintillating campaign thus far, which saw draws to the mighty Reading and Portsmouth, and a loss to the ‘so-not-thrown-together’ Man City. Can we expect this ‘top team in England’ to play all out attacking football against us on Saturday? If they do, I’ll tip my hat while they lose 2-0. Expect to see the thuggish, defensive, belligerent Man Utd we all know.

What might tick the Mancs off ever so slightly is that Howard Webb, referee of the Liverpool Arsenal game, will now ref a consecutive Arsenal match on Saturday. Personally I cannot read much into it, as all referees (apart from Uriah Rennie) are Man Utd fans as it is.

In other news, congratulations to the Arsenal academy, who thrashed West Ham’s academy 6-1 away from home. Oh, and poor Paul Scholes. Poor, poor Paul Scholes.

Hope that appeased the baying masses, unlike an increasingly desperate Sepp Blatter. Sheffield Utd preview tomorrow, y’all. Stay smashing until then.


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