A Very Racial, Right-wing Look at Arsenal

Disclaimer: the following post contains references to Togo, France, England, Holland, Croatia, et al, and as these are countries with people residing within their borders, will be considered inherently racist by many. As this is written by a South African migrant (the most racist of the lot!) writing on the club with the most mixed ethnic support demographic in England, it is recommended you sit down comfortably before reading this.

Hope that clarifies things up. Some people are wound up far too easily over completely unoffending things. If you’re looking for someone who will admit to failings when they’re actually there and demand attention, look no further than Arsene Wenger, who has admitted that playing Adebayor (a Togolese! *gasp*) as a lone striker on Saturday was a mistake. Elaborating, Wenger says:

Sometimes Adebayor was a bit too isolated up there. Maybe I could have played Theo Walcott up front, or Eduardo (da Silva) or Niklas Bendnter. But I went for a different approach. Without Robin van Persie the balance in the final third was not completely right. That’s my fault. I’d look at that again.

Make’s a refreshing change from the one-eyed Rafa-tactician variety, does it not? It certainly is food for thought, though neither Eduardo nor Walcott looked comfortable in their cameos for that match. The decision to play Adebayor as the lone striker, in my mind, was dictated by van Persie’s injury (an injured Dutchman! *gasp*) – an injury which reportedly should be cleared up by the Wigan match come November 24. Apart from van Persie’s absence, the team still looks balanced, and other players like Eboue (an Ivorian! *gasp*), as controversial as mentioning him sounds, epitomises the number of other players standing up to look more and more dangerous in their play. Ditto for Hleb; alas, Rosicky needs to start bucking up his act.

Wenger has also spoken about the forthcoming European match against Slavia Prage, saying they’ll be a ‘wounded animal’, going into the game. Again, it certainly will not be another 7-0 in their own back yard, this much is certain. Perhaps it will play out similarly to the Steaua Bucharest game. Wenger says:

When we meet Slavia again on Wednesday, they will be full of desire for revenge. We will go into the game with top focus and commitment. We want to qualify for the last 16 in that game, we have a good opportunity and we don’t want to neglect that.

As is typical of our tussles with Manchester United, there is still some fallout lingering since Saturday. Plenty of praise is still doing the rounds for the officials, much to the ire of Alex Ferguson (a Scottish knight! *gasp*), with Darren Cann’s spotting of Gallas’ goal being hailed as ‘decision of the season‘. The FA are now considering Fergie’s outbursts – the loony rage of a manager who’s team ‘bottled it’, sorry to say. Did I just apologise? I meant to say ‘mwahahahahahahahaha’ instead, of course.

Our other favourite teddy-bear, David Dein, has said that several new takeovers should be expected within the next year – and that the Blatters and Platinis of this world have to get with the times with respect to Home-Grown Quotas. Dein says:

Why is the Premier League so successful? Because it has brought the best players in the world to England. Does anyone worry that Cesc Fabregas is from Spain or Michael Essien is from Ghana? Fans are only interested in one thing – and that’s a winning team.

That’s a bit too much sense from Dein for my liking – I’m beginning to get all confused. Might I point out that it is incredibly popular for Arsenal fans (ref: balloons at Saturday’s game) to go on about Dein’s Orange skin? I guess, being the racially charged blog that Third-Gen is, I should join in and go on about I don’t care about what that dirty Orange-skinned Englishman has to say about nothing, right? There you go. The most racist comment of them all, and it’s about a white guy. Fancy that.

What Dein has to say, of course, about foreign takeovers has a point, to an extent. Why not have foreign owners when we’re so comfortable with foreign players? The answer to that is that owners bring with them a different ethos, different values, and different ways of management. Arsenal players, via Arsene Wenger’s choosing, reflect the club’s values that we’ve gone and espoused since 1996. Arsene Wenger’s appointment reflected these values, and soon shaped the new identity of the club. No one had that much against Ken Bates before Abramovich moved in, did they? Look how he wrecked the image of that club in exchange for cash-buckets? Sure, a mediocre club, but players like Zola and Desailly made them fashionable, no?

In short, don’t bring your agendas here, Mr Dein. Fittingly, Justin Hoyte is now being linked with a move to Everton, and Eduardo says ‘England are finished‘. Oh, and you might want to check out Arseblog’s newest find – the newest Arsenal legend. Read all about it.

That’s all for me. I’m off to my hut in the mountains where I can mumble over pots of rabbit stew and think my racist thoughts. To the sensible readers out there (a distinct majority): A fine day is wished for you all.

Ciao, hombre.



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4 responses to “A Very Racial, Right-wing Look at Arsenal

  1. Oli G


    There’s been some reports in Asia that during the warm up, Rooney was getting some stick from the crowd and blasted a ball directly at them, injuring a couple of spectators. He was asked to apologise and said he would, but failed to do so. The spectators giving Fergie stick where in the same area and it is stated that their slating of him was inspired by this incident….not sure how true it is, but it does perhaps explain why Fergie has mentioned this and tried to deflect potential criticism from Rooney and his antics.

    Anyone know more, can’t find any reference anywhere else?????

  2. Old Timer

    Here we go again Racist rubbish, sorry I find nothing racist in any of your remarks except to call an ENGLISHMAN orange skinned. the only time I became orange skinned was when I had Yellow fever. Does this mean there are now another race called Orange skinned Englishmen.; will I need a passport?
    Back to the real matters, the next weeks could be our stumbling blocks. Why I say that is because we have passed the so called tests set by not falling down to the Pool or Manu. The fight, class and ability is in this team and provided it remains we will reach the top. We need to build on the base we have formed. Its a long time till the end of the season and many slip can happen along the way. I do really worry about our goal keeping and to harp on a favorite topic of mine the failure to clear or defend crosses from the wings. (Still hurt over your remarks about Orange skinned Englishmen.)

  3. marcus

    You should be reported to the EU human rights commission, the UN human rights office, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty Int’l right now!

    Classic stuff, loved it.

    Let’s not take Fergie’s comments seriously–he really doesn’t give a damn about foreign players or Arsenal’s youth policy. Just as Arsenal become a threat to the title that he believes is his by divine right, Fergie starts with the cheap public insults and mind games. He’s so pathetically transparent and obvious, it’s laughable. This is all about Arsenal being his #1 challenger to the title, that’s all. He doesn’t really give a damn about this issue. If Arsenal were way behind ManU in the table like last season, he wouldn’t be talking about this at all.

  4. timothycairns

    It was a mistake to play Adebayor up front not from any race issue but because he is useless as a footballer!