Wenger Pre-Pragued as he Puffs out his Chest.

Slightly less ‘taking-the-piss’ today, as we preview the Slavia Prague game.

Wenger has spoken about how he will be resting players in the European games should the team achieve qualification early in the group. With only a single point required to confirm our place in the knockout rounds, there might even be a Carling-Cup flavour to the remaining two games after tonight’s, assuming we win, of course. Wenger says:

…now we are in November, I will have to rotate a bit more because the first signs of fatigue could turn up. It is not because of the quality of the players, but sometimes a team loses a bit of certainty about the way they play and their results.

Wenger has also warned against complacency in this match, saying the Slavia fans will be expecting their team to put up a significantly better showing than what happened at the Emirates. Of course, with our record now blown away by Liverpool in the very next round of matches (against Besiktas, too…), maybe there’s an incentive to go ape once more? Wishful thinking.

Rosicky and Toure are notable injury absentees from tonight’s game. Toure is expected back on Monday after picking up a calf-injury against Manchester United. Similarly, Rosicky has a chance of playing against Reading on Monday as well, though slightly less so. Cesc Fabregas and Aliaksandr Hleb have been left at home to get a breather after a busy season thus far – no complaints there at all.

I would really like to stop reacting to Ferguson’s childish jibes at our team – they can get as much encouragement as they like from our post-match huddle (they would have done the same at Old Trafford) – but Wenger’s response is all of brilliance, resoluteness and just oh-so-quotable. In response to Ferguson’s ‘we have more English players’ rubbish, Wenger retaliated, saying:

If you organise a golf tournament, people will go along to watch Tiger Woods whether that is in Scotland or anywhere else. When you go to Wimbledon, you want to see Roger Federer.

That is what people demand today. The world has moved on. People demand to see the best in the world and you cannot get them to watch a level down any more.

Give the man a Nobel. One for the quote logs, easily. In a quick little quip, don’t we all wish Spurs would stop trying to base their whole history on a cheap Arsenal-emulation?
PRA-7NOVTo tonight’s game then, and with Fabregas, Hleb, Rosicky and Toure not partaking in tonight’s pleasantaries, the team might look something like this:





Apologies for the lack of ‘oh cool! look at those graphics!’-graphics: Computer crash meant this is done on the laptop where the graphics tools are non existant. Measures to be put in place to avoid such happenings again, I should think. *slaps wrist*.

Given some of the Carling Cup experience in parts of this team, a 2-0 win might make sense? If I were a betting man…


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  1. Casicky

    i cant see Le Boss having both Flamini and Berto cenrally that would men the only inventive player would be Diaby,if anything he would probably play in the middle with Berto.i agree with your back for but i would hope to see Clichy and Traore on that left side flank,and um not so sure Walcott and Eduardo will start together so we might see Ade start us off until we get into a settled game then maybe have Walcott and Bendtner coming on,so um thinking something like this…


    will be hoping Diarra plays for over half an hour because as much as we want to keep Berto happy i would rather look to the future and the future is Diarra.