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A Point Gained from Bore-Fest

Did not get to see the game in what turned out to be a hectic day of distraction.

So Arsenal draw 0-0 away to Slavia Prague, in what even Arsenal.com rated as a dour game. No chances to speak of at all, really, from what I’ve read. Full reports can be read here and here.

Players of note included Lassana Diarra, who challenged a Slavia striker very clumsily, but got away with it when the referee waved play on when some say it should have been a penalty. Of the performance, Wenger had this to say:

The defensive performance was good, the offensive performance was average but the result is quite positive because we qualified. It’s difficult to blame them. Conditions were difficult and credit to Slavia, who defended well. Slavia were humiliated after the 7-0 and were determined not to concede a goal and our tempo was not high enough to create chances.

What is important, though, is that Sevilla won their match against Steaua 2-0: Leaving them just a point behind us, and we having to travel away to them soon. No resting on the laurels, here – again, the line from Wenger:

To finish first is important. You have your second game at home and you play against a team that is second in another group so it is a double advantage. After four games we have not conceded a goal and we have 10 points. We know we can play better than tonight but the overall performance of this team is outstanding.

Very briefly in other news, Gilberto wants to finish his career at Arsenal, which is slightly different to the ‘he’s leaving rumours’, and Bendtner is insistent he does not want to go out on loan again.

More depth tomorrow, promises (promises promises). Keep well in the meantime(s).


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