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Fabregas in Dreamland, Wenger Bites back.

Fabregas is staying in the Premier League from here until eternity, let it be known. The young Spaniard today has done as much as is humanly possible to crush speculation of ‘imminent returns to Spain’ via the Real Madrid/Barca owned press, saying he’s experiencing ‘day by day’ changes of heart in favour of staying in England. Cesc says:

When a Spaniard moves to England, they always think of moving back to Spain one day. But the truth is that day by day I feel more comfortable, with the city, with people, the club. I meet more people every day. I feel identified with the club and the fans. I feel important. I am given some responsibilities and it corresponds to me because I like it. I have not had the chance to play in La Liga and today I feel like identified to The Premier League because it is passionate, quick, vertical, exciting. I like this football.

Fabregas WengerFabregas reportedly likes to take naps during West Ham and Bolton games, which predictably will make the Spanish press let off the sirens and report that Cesc will be playing in a Getafe shirt very soon. While he enjoys watching Spanish football, he identifies the uniqueness of English football which, he feels, will keep him in the country for a long while to come. An excellent article in the Times for you to digest here, if you please.

Away from Fabregas, Wenger has told Reading manager Coppell to effectively ‘Shut it‘ over the English bravado of the past few days. Wenger pointedly states that it was Arsenal’s cast-offs that ‘kept Reading in the division’, saying:

Harper and Sidwell did not get in here because they had Petit and Viera and Edu in front of them. I think to force the clubs in England to have only English players in the side would be detrimental to the smaller clubs.

Which sums up everything said in yesterday’s blog.Annoyingly, the topic of ‘Engerland’ props up once more, with Wenger insisting the FA must show patience with McLaren, citing Bobby Robson’s failing to qualify for Euro 1984, but then seeing England making the ’86 World Cup quarter-finals.

Top4-watch, and Liverpool’s Torres scored an alleged ‘wonder goal’ that is bread and butter for the likes of Robin van Persie, with Peter Crouch going down with minimal-to-no contact in the Fulham box to allow Gerrard to seal a late 2-0 win for the Reds. Manchester Utd play tonight, and with Blackburn playing so well under the radar, one would really hope for a draw at the very least. A loss seems slightly far-fetched but not impossible. Fingers crossed. Before I forget, congratulations to Drakie, who yet again trumped me in predicting the scores. After successfully predicting a 2-2 scoreline in Arsenal’s clash with Manchester Utd, he again pulls out the stops in calling Liverpool’s score against Fulham. Clap clap, monsieur.

All for now. A Reading preview tomorrow sometime – am having a bit of difficulty calling the squad, but I’m sure after a night’s thinking we can suss something out. Good health to all, in the meantime.


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