Tresor Mputu to Rock the World?

Let’s go with a different flavour today and start with a completely unknown African player who’s set to go on trial with Arsenal for just over a week. I’m sure that, on the wild assumption that Arsene reads the fans’ blogs out there, he must get a real kick out of hearing how rediculously bemused some people are by his scouting antics.

Nevertheless, Tresor Mputu is the boy’s name, and he’s reportedly on the shortlist to get a ten-day trial with Arsenal sometime over the coming months. To be fair, he’s only obscure to those not well versed in African football – Tresor is a full international for The Congo, and before anyone sniggers too much, two words: George Weah. Not saying that we’ve found the next one, but just that Wenger seems to know what he’s doing, more often than not.

In other news, Arsene Wenger has come out saying should Lehmann fight for his place, there is no reason to think that he will not be in the Starting XI once more. Arsene says:

He is up for the challenge because he is 200% professional. Jens doesn’t want any presents. Jens wants to play because he thinks he is the best keeper. It makes it worse to put him in and out again. He has done nothing wrong. Almunia has been in the team and the team is doing well. It is as simple as that.

Unless the German keeper’s been given a right hammering for his words to the press behind closed doors, I personally think it’s a foil to keep Almunia on his toes – the Spaniard’s made only one positional mistake of note against Manchester United, and is doing okay, to be fair. I’m sure the defence and keeper are used to each other by now, which is all the more reason to keep the status quo going for a little while longer.

In other news, Reading-man Gunnarson plans to mark Cesc out of the game like he did to Carrick and Scholes. Twisting the words a bit, it’s good to see Cesc is considered the full amalgamation of two players, bwahahaha. Eat that, Mancs.

Watching the league challengers sees Man Utd beat Blackburn Rovers 2-0 with a quickfire double from Christiano Ronaldo, the bastards. The Devils now top the league three points above Arsenal, who now have two games in hand – one about to be played tonight. Good news comes in the form of Chelsea losing it a bit, drawing 1-1 with Everton.

Reading-away Preview, and it predictably will be a much changed team from the 0-0 draw against Slavia several days ago, with the defence regathering some familiar faces, but that’s where the predictability of calling this side ends.

121107readingHaving gone through the difficult patch of Liverpool, Manchester United and Slavia awaw, we should see the 4-5-1 abandoned in favour of the more attacking 4-4-2 formation.

Adebayor should keep his place, with his partner being one of Eduardo or Walcott. Eduardo should start ahead of the Englishman, as Wenger continues to try and adjust the Croazillian to the English game and using Walcott as an impact player off of the bench.

With Rosicky’s injury, I do see him coming off the bench as well, with Hleb switching to the left wing and Eboue bombing down the right. Fabregas picks himself, with Flamini favoured over Gilberto to bite back at any Reading players even thinking of living up to their ‘kicking’-promises.

With a bench of Lehmann, Senderos, Gilberto, Rosicky and Walcott, is this team good enough for a win at the Madejski? So long as they can reignite their fighting-for-every-ball ethic, I think they should be able to win this match without too many problems. Reading have geared themselves up for this match, make no mistake, and the whole ‘English-bravado’ of Coppell will have an ego that would not want any bruising. 1-0 to the Arsenal?

Here’s hoping for 3 points, regardless of the scoreline. I once won a college tipping/predict-the-scores competition when the 2006 World Cup was on, but I’ve since lost my aura in that department. I frankly don’t care. Come on, you Guuuuuuuunnersssss..!



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14 responses to “Tresor Mputu to Rock the World?

  1. I can’t find much info out about the African guy! He looks big and powerful though. Wenger does love his Africans

    Van Persie is backto fitness, I wonder if he will feature on the Bench. None of the other strikers appear to have taken there chance since Van the man has been out. It seems the partnership between him and Ade has been hugely underated. Ade can’t score without Van Persie!

  2. Casicky

    its true the Van P-Ade partnership was very much underrated because during the time when they both scored but in difrent games there were still people coming on the blogs and feeling the strikeforce wasnt gelling and now wiv Van P’s absence i think we have come to realise that maybe Van p doesnt need Ade that much but Ade is very much in neeed of a partner upfront to actually be able to get on the score-sheet,so its good Van P will be back.

    I would also like to see Eduardo start wiv Ade tonight i feel he is going to be a huge success at arsenal coz his a goalscoring grafter such as Ade but the only diference is he is a proven goalscorer,so i very much agree with ur line-up.

    the team is playing well but if u think that players like Rosicky,Eboue and Eduardo have not really started finding the feet in the team we can only get better,and watching Djourou against Villa yday i felt that he will do fine with Gallas,seeing as they have the same haircut anyway…

  3. Arsenalxxx

    I know this african guy. I’ve watched him playing …
    Tresor Mputu is a great player (Stricker) and a good scorer.
    I’m so sure that he’s gonna come up with some changes in the Squad.
    Let’s give him a chance!
    Beside, Arsene knows very well what he’s doing.
    Arsenal always will ROCK!


    I know MPUTU i think he should be nomminated african player of the year, after
    finishing top scorer in african champion’s league.
    The guy is good just give him the chance and you will be singing his name.

  5. Congolese

    Mputu Tresor is a very very dangerous player . Once he succeeds in the trial ad gets his chance to show the world what he can do, youu will just wintess his pace, his ball control, his finishing, the list is soo long. I just cant wait until he gets his first game to show the whole world something they have never seen. He is MUCH worth than just half a million pounds. I say about 10 million at least. Trust me, You will beleive me one day.

  6. great player tresor mputu he scored about 26 goals this year, I think you guys should be ready sing his name. He’s strong and fast and can play better football then adebayor

  7. serago makali

    am happy foe you because you are congolese like me but very very happy because you come to my wonderful team ( show all the British fan that you are the best )


    I am a student in S.A at TSHWANE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, I always watch soccer ,but that player of Mputu is the best player of the year in Africa according to me, he knows how to score and how to play , just give him a chance so you will see what and how he can do, I want to thank the Arsenal’s coach is the best coach because he knows who is good and bad player.
    I hope him lot of chances to succed,and to play well for my best team, I like
    Arsenal and I want it to win the champion’s league and English premier league and go forward, Thanks.

  9. john nash

    I have been in congo-kinshasa for 7 years and I know more about this country and the lad is good and he is gonna fit in our team, he is good then athers players in our team.
    I wish him all the best in my favorite team goona.

  10. i am a congolese guy stay in johannesburg ,rep of south africa , i know tresor mputu since i left DRcongo. mputu will vibe da wold ,plz giv him a chance he can do beta than eto;o

  11. Mumbiri Benjamin

    Tresor Mputu is a guy who worth the deal with Arsenal, Having Wenger as Coach will make him known in the world of soccer. I hope that will open a big way to himself and so many others.

  12. Lati Kodravele

    One of the new pearl of African Soccer Stars, that Tresor Mputu never stopped surprising fans. He is enjoyably unpredictible in the middle of the soccer pitch and we still have a lot to get from him. Just follow him ! Good luck.

  13. Mozart

    I have no doubt that Mputu Tresor will shine ti the world in football arena. He is the pride of Africa, and that of the DRC in particular. Bravo!

  14. peronne

    God will bless you for the world in football i wish all the best Tresor.

    Good luck take care.