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Adebayor: Big Chest! Puff out Ade-Big Chest!

Adebayor has beaten the drums of war, saying that Arsenal are indeed very well placed to challenge Manchester United for their title, now. On the win at Reading, and Arsenal’s place on the table, Ade says:

It is very important going into the international break. It gives us a lot of confidence. We wanted to stay ahead of Manchester [United] and show them we are strong – and we have done that. Of course, it is a long title race – and it’s where you are at the end of the season that matters. But we are very happy with how things are going.

Soon to partner the beanpole striker is the returning van Persie – confirmed as ready for the fixture. Watch van Basten lick his lips in sending the newly returned striker in to get injured once more in a meaningless international fixture. We do pay his wages, Mr van Basten.

Most of the news doing the rounds today circles around the ‘blasphemous’ comments made by Tottenham-supporting Reading striker Dave Kitson suggesting Arsenal are the best team on the planet – infuriating Spurs-fans with the following comment:

Even for a Tottenham fan to say this is blasphemy but you hope that a team who play as well as Arsenal win something.

What’s particularly funny are the comments on that very article with the Spurs supporters yapping like puppies. To quote: “No-no-no-no … how can any Spurs fan be happy for Arsenal to win anything? Perfect situation for any Spurs fan would be if Arsenal never win another game again until they play Bolton and Derby next year in championship.” Interesting choice of teams to mention there, sir. Prime relegation candidates, which, I’m sorry to say, include you yourself. Funny how people delude themselves with fantasies of their ‘fierce rivals’ (Read: team sitting miles away above us that we deliriously compare ourselves to) being relegated when, in truth, they’re more likely to end up on a champions podium. Ah well.

Kitson makes an observant remark in noting the difference between Manchester United and ourselves, saying:

Arsenal are not reliant on one, two, three or even four people. They all chip in and I thought they had another couple of gears to go. Trying to get near Fabregas, Hleb and Rosicky is a tough ask. The thing that amazes you most is they are not just passing to each other – they are passing so that the other person can run on to the ball and then his mind is made up with what he is going to do next. It will be close at the end of the season and that’s what everyone wants to see.

Booya to that, and very true. Consider that there are polls doing the rounds with regards to ‘Sir’ Alex Ferguson’s claim that the team he’s assembled is his best ever – funny, seeing as this team with the plenitude of additions including a bunch of ‘dirty foreigners’ we shalt not name, have yet to actually defend their title. My money is on them not defending it with us in their place, but then, I am quite the partisan.

In some smaller news, Marcus Hahnemann writes on playing against Arsenal, Beckham brings the circus to Arsenal’s training grounds, and there’s an interesting piece on the true reasons behind the England-team’s failures: surprise surprise, it is not Arsene Wenger.
Oh, and apparently some people find it fitting to note the amount of black players Arsenal have, which makes us even less English. Without having to mention Cole, Campbell, Emile Heskey, Jermaine Defoe, etc…it really is reflective of the Old Trafford lot. Anyone remember Adebayor scoring against them last season at their place, with all the front-seaters throwing the finger and yelling ‘piss off, Black-shit?’.

Anger and frustration makes you say stupid things, but still. It’s not my fault that horrible club is so associated with it. Time to go stew in my own juice – the blog tomorrow will be a late, evening post, due to circumstance. Around the time the various British-based blogs post theirs, say. Enjoy your day, and miss me violently.


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