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Tresor Has Some Hype, Now…

No blog yesterday due to travelling back and forth all day. But here I am – I know you all missed me, but let’s keep the blubber down and get some Arsenal news out of the way.

Some sources are reporting that Tresor Mputu is near to signing with Arsenal – and boy, is he being hyped up. Firstly, the president of Mazembe (Mputu’s club), Salomon Idi Kalonda, says:

He is one of the most talented players to come out of Africa in the past two years and his performance in the African Champions league is there for all to see. We are confident that after the 10 days of trials Wenger will be happy with him.

Let’s assume Kalonda has not been involved with Wenger for a second, here: For a man involved with Congolese football and to know of the football produced in the Premier League, let alone Arsenal’s academy – those are big words. And the hype doesn’t stop, with Arsenal Anaylsis reckoning they’ve found a gem of a player here.

It’s all a bit much in the end, though. The most sensible thing to do is wait and see with regards to the player. After all the rumours about Wenger ‘missing out’ on Eto’o all those moons ago, if this player is the real deal, then he’ll be snapped up.

Otherwise, Cesc Fabregas has spoken about how a more relaxed approach to his game has helped him this season. The young Catalan says:

I think I’m playing the same as ever but the ball is going in for me, which makes it look like I am playing better. I was getting in front of goal and being hasty – but one day Mr Wenger told me to relax and now I take my time.

Well, apart from the howler against Liverpool (quickly forgiven with the equaliser, of course), he’s certainly not kidding around. 11 goals and counting this season, and with a guaranteed 45 more to follow this season, I cannot wait. No, really.

Not much else to report on, apart from us being linked with Jussi Jaaskelainen (again), and how awesome our bomb protection is at the Emirates. I mean like, Awesome.

And there you have it. Regular service resumed – though no-one’s going to miss me too much during the International break. I guess promoting Tamworth FC back to ‘the big time’ is all I can do in Football Manager to pass the time.

So long, then…



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