Lehmann’s Change of Heart, Bould’s All-England

Travelling around all over yesterday meant no blog, which was a true travesty to the human literary effort. Nevertheless, we adopt, adapt and improve. Ever onwards.

Jens LehmannWe’ll get the new news out of the way first, and in saying that, there isn’t much. Jens Lehmann is now stating his desire to stay, saying he has family commitments to consider that are prioritised over any needs for him to move abroad. And one cannot argue with that – his views on Almunia are still wide of the mark, but it’s shown his softer side and a rather gallant commitment to some of the more important aspects of life. Earlier, Jens had already spoken about how he has recieved offers from a number of German clubs. Tapping up, much?

Other news revolves around internationals mostly, with Walcott promising to be more aggressive in his play, and Justin Hoyte reflects on that bad night against Serbia U-21s. Furthermore, Chelsea are now targeting ‘long-time Arsenal target’ Luka Modric to become more than a longball team. The joy.

To recap on the old news that I’ve missed after yesterday’s absence – Lassana Diarra has expressed his general beffudlement at his ‘unique’ situation at Arsenal. The utility player had this to say about his fight to get into Arsenal’s starting XI:

Each time I join the French team it is a big pleasure. But it is true that my situation for my club is puzzling. But it will be sorted out soon.

To be called again by Les Bleus I have to play for my club. So that situation has to be settled quickly, I am not getting mad with that. I am patient. At Arsenal I don’t feel in competition with Bacary Sagna, as I am a midfielder. The midfielders are outstanding, but I work fine in training sessions and I am waiting for an opportunity.

His showings in the League Cup have been very eye-catching, certainly. He certainly must know by now that joining big clubs means congestion in midfield placements – but given how we’re generally being written off by midfielders who have never won the league and will have his ‘dirty non-english teammates’ kicked out of his team because its for the good of the English side but reckon we’ll ‘wilt under the pressure’…(that’s Steven Gerrard, incidently), – Diarra may find himself starting at some point in the season. With Fabregas and Flamini playing so well at the moment, though – he really must be patient.

In today’s ‘Let’s hype Arsenal players up’ section, Tomas Rosicky has spoken about how he’s quite happy playing for the club, while Alex Hleb’s agent has played down talk of a new contract, for the moment. It really should be Flamini pushing for that – or maybe the board pushing for that, instead. Incidently, Hleb is getting quite a bit of praise from different quarters these days. Arsenal.com have also finally admitted that Carlos Vela is an Arsenal player. Waaaaay ahead of you there, friends.

Arsene Wenger has said that soon enough we’ll be seeing ‘the real Eduardo‘©, after he’s fully adjusted to the English game, and Yaya Toure (Barca midfielder and brother of our favourite Kolo) has said Arsenal have a spiffing good chance at nailing Big Ears.

Onto our final piece of the day, which comes from ex-Gunner defender and youth coach, Steve Bould. The Bald God of Defence has come out against all the nay-sayers that lay England’s failings solely on Arsenal, saying:

We certainly don’t know how far (the players) are going to get – but we have a lot of good English players. “That is great for the club and the fans want to see English lads in there, and they also want to see good players and we have plenty of those from home and abroad.

With the likes of Henri Lansbury, Mark Randall and Kieran Gibbs impressing each time they’re seen with the club-jumper on, we can certainly hope for more local players to be representing the club.

It is dawning on me more and more that Arsenal is establishing itself as a ‘club of the world’, though – particularly with the tremendous success Wenger’s having with developing African players, which is hard to argue against, given the sheer poverties and difficulties many families face in those parts.

Those that want to play for Arsenal and are good enough to, will play. Theo Walcott is sprinting proof of that, but there is no way you will ever see me giving a fig about what nationality a player is, so long as he’s a good one. And that applies to any team – Long have I been in awe of the Zola’s, Eto’o’s (look! apostrophe’s!), Zidane’s and Maldini’s of this world. Whoever is the best, deserves the admiration. Regardless of nationality.

And that’s a wrap for now. I’m currently working on a new addition to the site – those that have seen the old ‘Tactics’ section fall away for a new name might have a tiny inkling into what it is. Hopefully the first contribution to the new area will be finished soon. Au’voir, for now!


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