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Rosicky Returns, Diaby wants to leave?

As clichéd as it might be to say, International Week is a terrible, terrible week for people who blog on club football. Not nearly as terrible, mind you, as the rest of club season is for people who blog on international football.

Anyways, we’ll start with the Arsenal-related news, and there isn’t much of note. One eye-opener is that of an International coach having some sense for once and letting Tomas Rosicky return to his club so he can get injured on our turf, and not Czech turf. Reports say Arsenal asked for Rosicky to return to the club following the Czech Republic securing its European qualification already, and he should be arriving back today.

Abou Diaby is considering leaving Arsenal to get into someone’s first team; that someone possibly being Tottenham Hotspur. It’s incredibly contradictory that we can produce players so confident in their own ability, yet would be so disrespectful to themselves in lining up for that club. With Abou, I cannot see anything of the sort developing before the end of the season.

The rest is all very non-Arsenal related, I’m afraid. Theo Walcott now intends to stay with the England U-21 squad, when many were thinking he’d stand up to the plate for the Croatia game next week. Still time for that to change, but you cannot see me caring any more than I would care about the Macedonian Drag-Racing League.

Finally, Jens Lehmann insists he did not pull something funny at a spectator in some match. It really is a non-news day today, and hopefully things can only improve. It will give me time to work on Top-Secret business, though.

Today’s been a day for balancing out, you would think. Hopefully there’s some catastrophic story about Spurs financial disintegration to talk about tomorrow, or something.



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