John Motson Must be Feeling It…

Motson StrepsilAnyone get a chance to see Match of the Day on the BBC? The institution that is John Motson must surely be on a prescribed course of losenges after his commentating antics for the Arsenal v Wigan segment on MOTD – all standard, nil-nil fair leading up to the 80th minutes and beyond, until…

Diarra again, he’s found…Adebayor; (crescendo) this is Gallas, into Bendtner – outside into Sagna…Gallas is in the box.!!!!…IT’S THERE! WILLIAM GALLAS AGAIN! Just as he did against Manchester United…

And another bout flirting with the threshold of pain…

Nicklas Bendtner, oh! He’s got Rosicky’s free to his right!! If he plays it..! He’s absolutely clear! TWO NIL!!!!!

It was at that last capitalized point that I’m sure made him consider retirement ‘the morning after’. Could we be seeing more of this (picture above)? Or am I already too late?

Anyways, let’s move on to something a little less sinister. Wenger has confirmed that Theo Walcott will be alright to play against Sevilla, after his bad knock and fall under Emile Heskey’s tackle. The fall pinched a nerve that resulted in Theo losing all feeling in that part of his leg, which only meant him not being able to play for the rest of the match, instead of the rest of the year. Wenger says:

Theo does not look bad. The physio told me he had to come off straight away because he was numb as he had been kicked on the nerve. He twisted his ankle and we checked on a X-ray, and he looks all right.

The short term nature of it is a relief, what with the amount of players we already have out. It seems the December Aston Villa game coming up will see a return of a host of players – Fabregas, Flamini and van Persie should (and I highlight, ‘should’) be back in some capacity for that match, given its difficulty.

In the meantime, Wenger has decided to field a similar team to the one that took the field away to Slavia. Wenger is fully aware that a bad slip up away to Sevilla will see Arsenal sacrifice top spot of the group, and is using this as a condition under which the squad players must rise to. Wenger says:

Some players will be rested for Sevilla. I will rotate and it will be maybe a similar side to that against Slavia. It is an exciting match because it gives some players the chance to show how good they are in a very different context because first place is at stake. I think it is an important game to play.

At least Sevilla go into the match with some horrendous form, losing 2-1 at home to Mallorca. Even our collective squad players are better than Mallorca, surely? Time will tell.

That, however, is unfortunately that. A very quiet news day, although I’ll claim the exclusive on how tired John Motson must be. More news when it comes your way, first with the firsts, and all that commercial rubbish. Stay well, stay true…



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5 responses to “John Motson Must be Feeling It…

  1. jamesgillesp

    Gallas, he jsut gets better and better for us, I used to think he shouldn’t be captain, now I have so much respect for him.. I love this team!

  2. I was of jamesgillesp’s mindset too, thought Gallas didn’t have the desire to be Captain, I was wrong. Wenger knows best.

  3. Pedro

    Motson did seem to get a touch over excited!

    The game was a touch nervy, but everyone at the ground new a goal was coming! What a header, we all went nuts!

    The Mr T hair style is hopefully going to become a symbolic as Freddies red hair.

    I reckon we’ll stuff Sevilla, I hope he doesn’t field a really weak team (Do we have one?) because I want to maintain our run!

  4. Casicky

    Captain Willy,was absolutely enormous..its jus the best time to be a an Arsenal supporter at the moment absolutely brilliant.If we play the young boys in seville i would like tyo have Rosicky playing this time because we need some technically gifted person,eventually Denii will provide that but not at the moment..would like to have either Fab and Rosicky in the team wouldnt mind both of them actually..

  5. mike

    I think we should do withouf cesc fabulous for the seville game…so he will be in killer form against chavski!!!