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Burnley in the FA Cup; the mystery of ‘Katita’ continues…

Have to hammer today’s blog out superquick – places to rush to and heart conditions to strain.

The FA Cup draw happened sometime during my lovely sleep-in, and we got the draw that everyone wanted to avoid: Burnley FC away. Shocking, rigged, fixed, the system is rort! (I’ll stop right there – predictable sarcasm isn’t usually stocked in chuckle-factor). It’s off to Turf Moor for us then, while Chelsea entertain QPR, Man Utd travel to Villa Park and Liverpool are away to either Nottingham Forest or Luton. The little clubs – QPR aside – got their wish, then.

Which is certainly true if you listen to Burnley boss Owen Coyle, who has labled the Arsenal game as the ‘dream tie’ for his club. Coyle is quite obviously excited, saying that his side will try to make a game of it:

…it’s a glamour tie and we will give everything we can to show our best. We will be positive, and try and take the game to them. It would be folly to sit back and let them come at you, they will just pick you off anyway. We do have an opportunity to create a shock, and we will try and do that. It’s a big, big ask and we will give it our best shot.

Which is all fine and dandy. See you in January, Burnley.

Emmanuel ‘Ade Ade Ade Oxenfree’ Adebayor has spoken to the tune of true footballing cliché today, saying that Arsenal have to take things a game at a time, given the fluctuating hype of the side -one minute we’re relegation prospects, the next we’re going unbeaten for the rest of the season. Go figure.

In light of stupefying press pressure, Adebayor says:

The most important thing is to focus on our job. We don’t care what people are saying. It is good that people are talking good things about the club and we are very happy about those things. But the crucial thing is to keep our head on our shoulders, keep on doing a good job, keep on performing like we are now and at the end of the season we can talk about whether we finish unbeaten or not.

Cliché maybe, but in the end the complex tasks this team has in front of them can be made a little easier with some simplification in the minds of those who have to carry them out.

After a few matches were played out yesterday in the Premier League – while Liverpool swatted away Bolton 4-0, The Saviour Juande Ramos watched his hapless Spurs side melt in the last minute to former Gunner Seb Larrsson’s stunner. Yet another loss for that poor, poor club.

Finally, Third-Gen receieved a lot (and by a lot, I mean more than a handful) of hits from Google searches looking for ‘katita flamini’, ‘flamini katita’, ‘mathieu flamini katita’…you get the point (“The bastard’s milking it!”). Fact remains, it’s still all a bit of a mystery as to what Flamini’s shirt actually meant – a few Gooners have pointed out this on Amazon. Is ‘Hero’ what it translates to? What language is it? Is it the newest substitute to Chinese Rhino Horn? Is it a warning that giant springy-office toys are going to be killing and maiming people on the streets? Mathieu certainly looked a bit worried in his ‘celebration’.

All these questions – typical of Flamini, the enigma of world footballers.

All for today. You enjoy your breakfasts, lunches and/or dinners.



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