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A Quick Glance at some Good News for the Gunners

A quick blog today, as I’m already incredibly late and the internet has only just come online. A full preview of the Chelsea match will be made tomorrow, so this is just a snack before the main course…

Wenger has revealed that the chances of our favourite trio – Flamini, Fabregas and Alex Hleb – have increased significantly to warrant careful consideration for tomorrow’s clash with the Blues. Wenger spoke in the leadup to the match, with a positive feeling with regards to the players’ chances, saying:

Who will make it, I don’t know? We know Robin van Persie will be available. As for Mathieu Flamini, Cesc and Alex Hleb, the signs look quite good but we have to make a decision.

And frankly, as little as a few days ago, not many even hoped for that much. It is excellent news, and one that is totally difficult to guess as to who is actually starting tomorrow. So long as they are involved in some faculty in the match, we have every chance of walking away from play with three points (though whoever it was that suggested Eduardo play in midfield -at all, even – is asking for some heavy things).

Fabregas is looking a lot more of himself with the injury starting to fade, rediscovering his spiteful streak in challenging English players to play abroad. The fact that we all know that not many actually could is one thing, with the young Catalan brimming:

I don’t see a lot of English players taking the risk to go out of the country to try to fight for their chance. It looks like they are comfortable where they are and that is it,” continued Fabregas. For me, I had to leave my country to fight for my life and my chance and my dream.

‘Dem’s fightin’ words, I tell ye.  One English player who more than likely will cop quite a bit is of course, he-of-no-name, and Wenger – similarly to last year – has insisted the crowd leave him alone. It’s all rather pointless – the Emirates gets very European in the big games, and Cole will more than likely have it up to his neck. If it unsettles him and leads to a sieve-like defence, I’m all the more for it.

A proper article tomorrow. None of all-this-being-silly. Precision drilling on its way, Pythons.

Until then..!



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