Update: Arsenal draw Glamour tie with AC Milan

A mere update: Arsenal got a draw to be pleased with, getting the defending champions AC Milan in the Round of 16.

Champions League draw

One has to feel for Celtic being drawn with Barca – though after the way the Catalans performed against Rangers, there’s hope for the Hoops yet. Liverpool will be pleased to have drawn the overrated Inter Milan, while Manchester United have a tricky tie against Lyon.

Fenerbache vs Sevilla is the most interesting tie of the lot, with Chelsea continuing their charmed luck with draws after being assigned to play Olympiacos. Schalke vs Porto will be dire as all hell, while Roma and Real Madrid is certainly the glamour tie.

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12 responses to “Update: Arsenal draw Glamour tie with AC Milan

  1. Love it, what a scalp this would be for us, I think we can do this.

    Up the arse!!!

  2. Vuja De

    Great draw…this is definitely a game we can win, and we should approach and play the game without any fear whatsoever.

  3. IziRascal

    I disagree. Whilst Roma vs Real Madrid is definitely a good tie, surely Arsenal vs AC Milan is the glamour tie of this round: Arsenal is easily better than Roma and AC Milan is probably better than Real Madrid.

  4. naga_gooner

    its a good draw, I would have hated it if we had drawn porto or inter. this will be a great test to see how far we have come. Though milan will be the favourites, I fancy us genuinely. I am happy because we get a fantastic game which if we win will give us the momentum to go all the way, and if we lose it eases a lot of stress on the squad by going out early and we can concentrate fully on the premiership campaign. We wont win both thats for sure, and it could derail our premiership campaign by us getting easy games and getting ousted in say, the semis and end the season with nothing. Its a great draw which will give us a brilliant perspective on our priorities for this season.

  5. It’s worth mentioning that in the last three seasons, the holders have been knocked out before the QF’s (Porto in 2005, Pool in 2006, Barca last season).

  6. jammathon

    IziRascal – note the headline? 😉

    Some very good points raised so far. Certain individuals may get a mention in tomorrow’s article. Keep your eyes glued this way.

  7. IziRascal

    Headline noted but your blog states that “while Roma and Real Madrid is certainly the glamour tie”.

  8. AC Milan aren’t in the top 4 in Serie A so maybe we have got them at a good point? I think we should do well and our youngsters should be too much for their pensioners (but seriously more than half their players are over 30!).

    By the way, naga_gooner, why would you hate to draw Porto or Inter?

  9. No. 1 Gooner !!!

    arsenal can and most probably will beat AC Milan. If anybody thinks that Arsenal are going to be easily beaten by a bunch of old men just because AC Milan have Kaka then they are mistaken. Arsenal have youth on their side and they are also top of the Premiership whereas AC Milan are 12th in Serie A and are not playing football like European Champions. Arsenal ARE on top form and AC Milan ARE NOT. Its as simple as that!! its goning to be absolutely fantastic!!!
    COME ON YOU GUNNERS YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ben

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  11. Arsenal will beat AC Milan! The tickets are cheap from Arsenal shop because it is at your stadium, don’t forget to watch the match come on Arsenal! come on Arsenal against manchester united in the fa cup 5th round and hopefully will win the premiership! Hopefully the’ll beat Manchester united to go all the way to win the fa cup and will beat AC Milan over the 2 legs and go all the way to win the champions league! COME ON ARSENALLLLLLLLLLLLL!

  12. Always convenient to hide behide hindsight? Arsenal have clearly had a few bumps along the way and just got plain outclassed by Liverpool.

    Scottish football on the other hand should perhaps remain in the PSL. I look forward to seeing the Old Firm game this week – stick with what they are good at – domestic football.