Edelman brings in the Festive Cheer

The last post today, before the Portsmouth preview. I think there’s some religious festival on tomorrow that will prevent me from posting. Eh, give a man a break.

So we’ll make this a quick one, starting with Arsenal’s managing director Keith Edelman, who has said in interviews that Arsenal stand to become the richest club in the world in a few years’ time. Edelman is very confident about our financial figures one and a half seasons after Arsenal’s move to the Emirates’, saying once Arsenal win the Champions League, the financial world is Arsenal’s oyster. Edelman says:

We have our own style of doing things which, you could say, is not too dissimilar to clubs like Real Madrid or Barcelona. We think it’s important we carry on that way both on and off the pitch.

We are very close to Real Madrid in terms of revenue. United will bring their figures out soon and they may be a bit bigger than us at the moment and it will take us a few years to make another leap. But we are heading in the right direction.

It might be a bit of a while before we can top Manchester United (assuming it definitely happens), but things are looking up for Arsenal’s monetary future.

The rest of the news will be summed up shortly, as most of us have family to get to, surely? Sol Campbell, after his damning indictment on fans who swear at millionaire footballers (the poor diddums), is now pumping his Portsmouth side up for the Boxing Day clash with Arsenal.

Other than that, it’s the same old hogwash from Jens Lehmann who’s still looking for a move to somewhere, and the Arsenal Ladies are in a spot of bother with the woman’s league, after failing to make a fixture against Birmingham down to injury, sickness and pregancy.

Arsenal have had their injury woes in the past, but even Frank Lampard cannot compare with the ol’ ‘pregancy’ tag. Hopefully that little mess will clean itself up soon.

And without forgetting a mention of Wenger’s ‘Bendtner’s goin’ nowhere’ spiel, I’m going to have to call it a day.

Many thanks to the loyal readers of the blog, for the well-wishes, the criticisms, and the vitriol my player ratings get. It’s all worth the effort, I feel, and I am glad for all the feed back.

Wishing all you out there a very merry Christmas, Ramadan, Hanukah and whatever else I’ve been callous enough to forget, and we’ll see you back here on Boxing Day.
Stay safe, be happy, and keep warm. (or cool, for those of us in the Southern hemisphere).

…in a one-horse open sleigh…



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2 responses to “Edelman brings in the Festive Cheer

  1. sysuser

    Hello Guys,

    Concerning the game …. I am happy we won even though we played badly.

    I was sad that Everton lost the chance to take points of MANUSA.

    I really would not want Lehmann to leave Arsenal, yet Almunia is trying but I am still not completely convinced. I find it funny that people blame Lehmann for the CL final loss. Almunia actually let in two goals via his near posts. “Not Lehmann”

    For the record please “emmanuel adebayor” is not the correct spelling of the guys name (even though I don’t know why he himself is using that spelling).

    First of all I am a Nigerian and a Yoruba, hence it is easy for me to know that Emmanuel Adebayor is a Yoruba Man …. because the name “Adebayor” is an anglicised version of a Yoruba name. How do I know this you might ask. Because the surname Adebayor is actually an anglicised version. The correct version is “Adebayo” . The little “r” at the end of his name, I guess is just for the sake of pronunciation, since I think Foreigners tend to slaughter/ pronounce the name incorrectly when the little “r” is not used.
    Also as far as I know…..There are Yorubas in Togo, Benin and Nigeria. Hence it is difficult pinning down which particular country he actually came from. Selfish Colonization and foreign partitioning of Africa (by Ingiland, France, German Deutsch etc)resulted in people of the same Ethnic being grouped into different countries.
    The only thing you can be sure off about “Emmanuel Adebayor” is that “Emmanuel Adebayo” is a Yoruba man. We still cannot be sure wether or not he is from Nigeria, Togo or Benin.

    Finally, let me deep further some yoruba people also went to Coted’voire (Ivory Coast) for reasons known to them (although Yorubas are not native to Cote’D’voire)in the past, hence you might have names from there resembling Yoruba names, which is why I have always tend to suspect that Didier Drogba of the Russian Blue Rubbles is actually a Yoruba man deep down.
    Reason is that the surname “Drogba” becomes interesting when you realise that the name can actually be formed from the Yoruba name known as “Aderogba” I guess that due to French influence, other cultural influences removing the part “ADE” from “ADErogba” makes it become “rogba”. Then add a capital “D” probably due to the french nature of Cote’D’voire or France and you are left with “drogba” or better still “Drogba”.
    Any Nigerian or Yoruba person on this blog would probably understand what I am talking about.