Adebayor’s in need of a Fan taking his side: Here I am…

There’s the usual news round up today – followed by a complete (overdue) revamp of the site’s design – but I thought I would take the time today to defend a player who has come under the harshest criticism of late, for a generally unjustified reason I feel.

Emmanuel Adebayor fools many with his fledgling 23 years of age. To most, he appears much older, say around the 27 year old mark, rather than the young upstart that he is.

In spite of his relative youth, the man managed to score on debut against Birmingham in 05/06, put the finish on a wonderful Cesc-pass to upset Manchester United last season, score the first hattrick at the Emirates Stadium by an Arsenal first-teamer, and while Ronaldo may have overtaken him in the last game, he has been the English Premier League’s top scorer with 10 goals.

Yet, something seems to really get under the skin of almost all Arsenal supporters. I say ‘all’ because there are not many voices defending him, bar some bloggers against their own readers’ opinions. To many, his attitude reportedly ‘stinks’, his first touch is ‘abysmal’, he ‘thinks he’s the new Henry’, and despite being ‘crappy’ enough to at one stage be the League’s leading scorer, any other striker you read about in Championship Manager – be it Tevez; Torres; Tresor Mputu or Tainio for all I care – would score ‘ten times more’ (100 goals?) than Adebayor would given the service our team provides the forwards with.

To which I shake my head in a rather bemused fashion. For someone as ‘pathetic’ as Adebayor reputedly is, there are moments of both individual and team brilliance that rightfully ensure that he remain a first-team starter.

-{His first touch at times is off, yes. Though I’d hope that many took the time to notice that when the team was doing so well at the beginning of the season, his first touch was elemental…}-

There are cries for more showings to be given to Eduardo and Bendtner – some even demanding they both be paired up immediately in sacrificing Adebayor – after Adebayor’s ‘abuse of his first team priveledge’.

I ask the following: Is it possible to consider that, of late, Adebayor cannot be given sole responsibility for the team’s lean run of form? While Gallas and Flamini have maintained their own authority in our play and Rosicky has upped his effort along the left wing, many players, including Fabregas and Hleb – disserviced by injury; Eboue – down on one embarrassing knee pleading for forgiveness; Toure – having been caught out a number of times to luckily recover at the last minute – have all ‘anti-contributed’ in application to the team’s diminishment. Adebayor is one of a few.

His first touch at times is off, yes. Though I’d hope that many took the time to notice that when the team was doing so well at the beginning of the season, his first touch was elemental – brilliant, even. Look no further than the Spurs volley, or even against Newcastle, when the team did not play well at all. In open play, he can definitely improve – but if one man was playing very well against Chelsea, soaring like a steroid-driven butterfly to chest the ball down in midfield, it was Ade.

And yet still the goals come – against Villa, against Newcastle, against Spurs. Yet constantly I have to put up with remarks that ‘any other striker would score double what Ade scores in this team’. He’s that bad, is he? A nominee for African Player of the Year, alongside contemporaries such as Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’o and Michael Essien, is so shabby as to not compare with some fictitious striker who would have 20 goals already at this stage of the season.

-{Adebayor has been playing as an everpresent this season – I cannot recall if he has actually been subbed off much thus far…}-

Some people play too many computer games. The same people saying this are the same ones barracking for Eduardo, who has ‘scored so many priceless goals’, including the meaningless goals against Sparta, Sevilla and Sevilla once more, a brace against the dreaded Sheffield United and the merited brace against Blackburn.

Adebayor has been playing as an everpresent this season – I cannot recall if he has actually been subbed off much thus far – with Bendtner earning plaudits from his cameos which cannot compare for the physical exertion Adebayor must endure – and Eduardo continues to be unjustifiably hyped up while remaining totally anonymous on the pitch.

Watch how many come in to defend Eduardo, saying ‘he’s not a left winger’. No one felt sorry for Alex Song, Lauren, Hleb or Cygan being played out of position over the past few seasons. New boy or not, Eduardo has yet to deliver in the Premier League, and Adebayor has – emphatically. Yet still, there’s no pleasing some very fickle Gunners support.

-{It is time to get a grip, get behind the team, and show why we are Arsenal fans, not consumers. }-

The aim of this article was not to belittle Eduardo – the boy is being given time to adapt, and hopefully he will. If and when he starts bagging the goals, I will be more than happy for him.

For some reason, however, we are not giving Adebayor a more deserved due. Ten goals in the league thus far is nothing to be sniffed at. The whole team at the moment could be playing better. The return of Robin van Persie will make things even better, his injury streak permitting. Out of nowhere, Arsenal are sitting relatively pretty in second place on the ladder, and now all the warped expectations are coming out in force.

It is time to get a grip, get behind the team, and show why we are Arsenal fans, not consumers. We must stand by our first team, irrelevant of who goes out onto the pitch. The treatment of Henry and Alex Song by the Arsenal boo-boys (since when did we have any????) has been shaming the club over the past seasons. Time to get behind Adebayor – and be thankful for his goals – which, in matches that they’ve appeared, we have never lost.

Now, onto a bit o’ news. Arsene Wenger has put a dampener on Lassana Diarra’s pleas for first team football with a shake of the finger and some tut-tuts sent his way. The manager said in the most categorical of fashion:

We are not in a kindergarten here. We are in a job for men. You cannot be at our level, one of the biggest clubs in the world, paid at a fantastic level and have no competition.

Tell me one club of our size in the world who give a chance to the young players like we do. There are none. At our club young players are in paradise. Normally you wait until 26 or 27 to get a chance in a big club. You go to Real Madrid, you go to Milan, where do the young players play?

Some words surely must have been said to Lassana, who, when signing for Arsenal, logically would have realised the competition for his position at a club like Arsenal. Players like Abou Diaby are already realising their place in the side, with some encouraging words coming from a player who had had his future with Arsenal clouded in doubt a few days ago.

Tonight, of course, is a difficult match against Everton at Goodison Park, though Arsenal will be helped with the non-injured William Gallas, who seems fine after a nasty (but accidental) prod in the foot from Sol Campbell. With Eboue and Walcott being rested, many are expecting the 4-4-2 to finally be favoured in spite of van Persie’s continuing absence – the Dutchman is expected to return after the West Ham New Year’s fixture.

-{I cannot see the young Bendtner being given a start in the cauldron that is Goodison Park.}-

291207-a-evertonNaturally, I’m inclined to agree, though I expect a handful of people to disagree on my chosen team. Many will see Eduardo sitting where Bendtner might be expected to play, but I justify like so: Bendtner’s strength – in many parts down to his youth and verve – is coming off of the bench and changing a game. As good as he is playing – and he is playing very well – I am expecting Eduardo to be given the start tonight, despite his conspicuous absence from the bench in recent matches.

I cannot see the young Bendtner being given a start in the cauldron that is Goodison Park. Wenger finds himself in a title race here, at a crucial stage of the campaign, and I believe he will be going for Eduardo’s finishing rather than Bendtner’s bustling.

Rosicky and Gallas came agonizingly close to scoring the winner against Portsmouth last time out, and many who hold faith with Eduardo (I’m still patiently expecting) would have a punt on him finishing such chances. We wait and see.

The rest of the team picks itself in what will be a very difficult match. Of the players that need to perform a little better than they have done, you would expect Adebayor, Fabregas and Sagna to know of some of the leaner parts of their run of late. Adebayor has been too seperated from the side, and caught offside too many times. This much we know. Fabregas needs to find his verve once more, though the amount of assists he has still managed to rack up despite being off-key is commendable. A goal sometime soon would really give the kid a boost.

Finally, Sagna – while having done nothing overtly wrong in the last few matches, has found himself nutmegged quite a few times than we have come to expect. First Taraabt had a bit of fun, then the highly rated (and I do rate the Croat highly) Krancjar played like a kitten with Sagna’s cotton several times on Boxing Day.

Nothing that cannot be fixed, though. Fully aware that the Carling Cup sides have repeatedly pulled off victories against Everton, I have faith that this team can come right tonight. It will be difficult, and a lot of a hard work is needed, but nothing’s impossible. Three points are very much needed, but a draw is not the end of the world.

The fickleness of some Arsenal fans really can be bemusing, sometimes. Let me know your thoughts on the new design, and Come On, you delightful Arsenal!



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34 responses to “Adebayor’s in need of a Fan taking his side: Here I am…

  1. sysuser

    Now I am about to make a blasphemous statement:


    This necessary to instill a sense of competition into the team and also because both Fabregas and Hleb have been pedestrian in their performances in the last few games.
    Also bencing either of them will give them a much needed rest since they seem to be playing as if “they are on empty”.

    I am happy that Wenger gave Diaby a chance at Portsmouth and in my opinion “he messed up”. I was seething with annoyance a few times when Daiby lost the ball at portsmouth. Now that he has been given chances when needed and didn’t perform , Wenger would be justified if he sold him off….the next time he or his agent feels they can be either mischevious or naive about comments of leaving the club. Wenger is being factual about Diarra, Diaby and any other potential sulker thinking they are good enough that they want to threaten the club with threats of leaving. It is fundamentally basic that there would be competition….and what is in the interest of the club is that the Manager picks players solely based on what is in the clubs interest.

    Any players that wants to leave should please leave…..there will others who want to fill there space.

    Fabregas, Flamini being in the team at early is not a norm instead they were privileged to have been available when Parlour, Edu, Viera and co …. already either starting to deline and succumb to injuries or were already considered dispensable by the club manager.

    For Everton I would really prefer we go with 4 4 2 (actually 4 1 3 2)….

    Such that we have

    Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy


    Diarra Fabregas Rosicky

    Bendtner Adebayor


    Eduardo, Denilson, Fabianski, Hleb

  2. michael

    Eduardo’s apparently not travelled to Mersyside so he definitely won’t be playing. Everton are the type of team we need to play now to up the tempo a bit so I think we’ll do well. I totally agree with you about Ade. He holds the ball up really well.

  3. Wally

    A good article. Except you were a bit too harsh on Eduardo. Yes he hasn’t lite up the league, but he has had limited chances, and needs time to settle. Ade has had plenty of time to settle, and is doing a great job this season.

  4. Passenal

    Ade has plenty of supporters, it’s just that the anti-Ade brigade are louder an more vicious in their condemnation of him. I’d like to see another striker play up top on his own week in week out and keep us in touch with the top of the premier league. Remember Henry in a 4-5-1?

  5. Frank

    Adebayor holds the ball up well?

    What a load of rubbish!

    You are blinded by you rose tinted glasses if you can’t see how poor his performances have been on a regular basis.

    Plus he needs to shut his big mouth. Always talking bout himself like he’s a superstar when the idiot was born offside and the only player he likes to pass to is his spastic buddy Eboue.

    Both of then cannot perform when something special is needed, they can only perform against poo defences.

  6. Saso

    Great article sir,

    I agree completely. I think when rvp returns, defenders will be shitting themselves of our strikers.

    tonight is the perfect night for diaby and/or diarra to prove they’re big name players. i expect mr wenger to play 451 again.

    id love 2 see a midfield of

    flamiini diaby

    rosicky cesc hleb


    flamini MUST keep an eye on tim cahill and kolo must look after yakubu if we are thinking about winning this game.
    come on the gunners though,
    i fancy a 2-1 win with ADE scoring after reading this article.

  7. Gunner

    Van Persie has played less than half the games your Adebayor has and he’s scored 7 for Arsenal!

    And you’re saying that a decent striker wouldn’t have scored more than Adebayor if they were in his position?


    Even Franny Jeffers would’ve had a good chance to net 10 by now! Any average striker can convert 1 in 10 chances and they don’t do surge actions like run off the pitch with the ball or try and take on a whole defence when they’ve never managed to in the past!

  8. well Ade has out lived the patience we have in him, yes he has scored very many goals for aresenal this term because he is the striker who has got the biggest percentage of first team run outs, i wish Wenger gives the same trust he has in Ade to strikers like Edu and Nic, i for sure know that Ade will make Cameo appearences after that because i have noted Edu and Bend need not many chances to put the ball in the back of the net, by the way has anyone noticed Ade’s attitude on pitch? i have a feeling it has got to his head that his the only striker we have and provided he is fit he has a granted place on the team. Wenger needs to Act now or else we are goin to lose out on Nic and Edu. People say Edu is not tough but hey i beg to defer cioz he played Blackburn and they dont get tougher opponents like that in Premier. hes always played out of position and am scared he’s confidence will deep which doesnt help the team coz we lose out on a quality striker then
    We are winning today and i sure hope Edu and Bend play a big part

  9. jammathon

    Franny Jeffers. I will not dignify that with a response.

    van Persie is a totally different striker to Adebayor, and no-one is doubting he’s a class above. Only thing is, I consider Adebayor to be on his way to world-class. van Persie is just a special, special player.

  10. jason

    adebayor is not a class striker ten goals five against the two worst defences you tell how goods he is tell us how many sitters he misses… just go back to your old videos and look at alan smith and then you would see a proper striker

  11. jakob

    great article, ade is on his way to being world-class with some of his skills already being there. his pace and hard work keep him in this team even when he is having an off day. and eduardo just needs time, i dont think he can match ade at the moment [ i know they are different types of players] but he just cant cope with how physical this league is, but i am sure he will towards the end of the season, start banging in the goals.

    then we will have four strikers who are great great players [ as am sure bendtner will carry on his super sub cameo’s] + [ i dont think i need to mention how good van persie is( goal against charlton?)]

    now thats a scary prospect for the ‘great’ manchester utd

  12. osas

    Spot on about Adebayor.

    It is unbelievable the amount of criticism he gets anytime the team fails to get a result. A lot of people don’t understand how hard it is to play alone upfront when you get no support from the midfield. When Adebayor plays alone upfront, he is going against two central defenders, if he shakes of one defender, the second defender is always there to cover him.

    When the season started, I regarded Adebayor as the supporting striker with Van Persie being our main striker. I am pleasantly surprised that he has been able to carry the burden in the attack alone since the start of the season. A lot of people that are critical of him forget that he is the first striker we have ever had that has been given the responsibility of playing alone upfront.

  13. jammathon

    Jason – its not just about goals. Did you not see his (very recent) performance against Chelsea? There’s a big team for you. He literally levitated in the air *every single time* when the ball came to him, and chested everything down beautifully.

    He may have scored a lot of goals against poor opposition (Spurs derbies?), but the quality of the goals, like his third goal against Derby, were world-class.

    Edit: Oh, and of course, last year we couldnt seem to score at all against ‘poor opposition’. Now fickle fans are complaining that this is all Ade does. Go figure.

  14. rajon

    Although not new I particularly find the design of the starting line up quite visually attractive.I can’t say I see much difference in the overall design of the website. The fear I have of Arsenal for the remainder of the season is if they can play as well as they can each game. If they do that then ofcourse it is natural to assume that consistantly good performences will be rewarded with a title. However, Arsenal cannot always play to their best and that is when efficiancy in football is key to winning matches. Part of this efficiancy is to take your chances and frankly and unfortunately I dont have the greatest trust in Hleb, Rosicky or Adebayor finishing key chances. This leads well to my view of Adebayor. I like him as a player; I like his attitude and skill, which at his best is breathtaking and quite exciting. But for me he is far too inconsistant and frequently his decision making is wrong. He is an infuriatingly good player but nothing more. He is functional in the Arsenal team in that he is good in the air, has strength and can hold the ball up, and his general play is good, but I dont think he is world class unfortunately. I expect Eduardo, Bendtner and Walcott to be the future Arsenal strikeforce.

  15. gent

    mate,i dont see your point blattering Eduardo saying he scored meaningless goals against Sparta, Sevilla etc. when does are, apart from two more maybe, only games he played. How could he scored against Manu, Pompey and others when he wasnt near the pitch.again, whats your point? ade is a good player but you have too admit he has way too much credit

  16. Goonoo

    Fantastic article. Ade gets far too much stick considering the fact that he’s scoring the goals that have put us right in this title race. Disagree with your views on Bendtner though. The kid may be big but he’s got touch, vision and a great range of passing. I’d like to see him alongside Ade tonight. Ade needs more support and together I think they’ll give the Everton defence a torrid time.

  17. raikun

    well,what if adebayor were drogba?
    I would personally say Arsenal has everything i.e. they are good in defending,good in keeping their posession,good in assisting striker, and in fact they also good in scoring the ball.

    Just think about it.

    p/s: at this time we really NEED van persie! He’s very master in putting ball into the net

  18. jammathon

    gent: Ade effectively is given no credit at all. And Eduardo is given the ‘he’s never played’ tagline all the time, which assumes he can only be better than Adebayor. This is completely unfounded, and Wenger is the one who knows best whether someone warrants a start or not.

    To keep it short: van Persie’s return should herald a more aggressive Arsenal, but there’s only one man ready enough to partner him at this stage, and it’s Ade.

    Also bear in mind, he’s only 23 (which is why it got mentioned in the article). He has years on his side to improve the frustrating side to his game.

  19. Ryan

    I don’t understand how you can possibly put a downer on Eduardo when he’s not been given a chance. Yeah he’s not been that involved on the pitch whether up front or on the wing, but that’s not part of his game. He’s a poacher and very little more and in a squad where we have as many creative players as the rest of the league combined I’m pretty sure it’s not such a bad thing to have a player who won’t always be hanging around deep to get involved when we practically never have anyone getting into the box. As for his ‘crucial’ goals, I’ve not heard anyone call them crucial. Rather numerous instead though considering he hasn’t played. For a guy who apparently isn’t yet settled I think roughly a goal every two starts and already having 7 or so goals is a very impressive record for a guy who you’re acting as though he has done nothing. Yes he hasn’t set the league on fire, but if you’ll care to look at the number of starts he’s had in the league, RvP wouldn’t have done so much better.

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike Ade and I think 10 goals is a very worthy contribution from not our best striker at this stage. But he doesn’t exactly make the best choices to endear himself. I mean the number of genuine offsides during games is extremely frustrating, as is the fact that he often drops so deep that there’s no one in the box at all, not to mention the fact for all his wonder goals this season, he’s missed quite a fair few easy chances, not to mention he simply doesn’t take many shots- especially from outside the box. I think Ade makes a superb second striker, one of the most useful second strikers in the league, and yes it’s also true that he’s far from being the only man responsible for our lack of attacking threat of late, but he certainly is not helping when played up front alone (which I admit isn’t his fault). Ade can’t play alone and the team can’t play with 5 in midfield, so Ade loses out and the team are suffering for it. He deserves to be playing regularly, but I think in this point in time he has proved that he should not be playing by himself since regardless of him still scoring a goal every other game or so lately, he’s really not looking very dabgerous.

  20. gent

    Dont get me wrong, they are all fantastic players, otherwise they wouldnt be here. But you can say this one is better then that one until we see Edu or Nick played whole 5,6 or 10 games in PL in a row. No point to defend Adebayor when you dont know if he’s alternetive is better then him. But then again i guess Arsene knows the best. All i am saying the lads needs to get a chance to prove theirselfs, if they havent done that already. cheers 😉

  21. Ryan

    I don’t think most people are saying Eduardo is better than Ade, but rather he’s an unknown quantity. We not what we get with RvP and Ade but Eduardo has barely played, I mean not a single league appearance in well over a month that I can remember and yet he’s been a consistent goal scorer when played in the other competitions including some good goals. That leaves people thinking if he can scor regularly outside of the league then maybe he can be scoring in the league too if he’s given some games. Also as much as I appreciate what a superb job Wenger has done and is continuing to do overall, I really don’t like it whne people say Wenger knows best end of story. For all Wenger’s great qualities, stubbornness with players who regularly underperform badly is a bad trait of his. For example regardless of what Wenger sees on the training ground Eboue has been extremely disappointing since moving to the wing. He’s had quite a few moments of brilliance but I can’t remember a single game this year when he’s had a consistently good game. And yet rather than admitting maybe Eboue either isn’t ready to be a winger yet or maybe never will be he has persisted for way too long, the same as with the 4-5-1. I mean our poor form has coincided almost exclusively with that formation and it’s been consistently putting a downer on our performances for ages now.

    Wenger is THE man for the job, but he isn’t perfect and he has, does and will make mistakes at times. So ‘Wenger knows best end of story’ can’t just be applied to any decision he makes as though the man is perfect.

  22. jammathon

    Yes, they need opportunities. Bendtner in particular looks a very exciting prospect to me. At the moment, with RVP and Ade the prefered pairing up front, in the pressures of a title race, I think the only experimentation that can be done must be done outside of the Premier League race.

  23. shotta gunnah

    Good defense of Ade, who actually needs no defending. Next to Drogba, the best forward in the EPL playing as a lone striker. As you stress he is only 23 and is bound to get better. What is amazing is some of the boo-boys criticize him (with a certain malice) yet top EPL defenders rate him as one of the most difficult opponents they have to cope with. Ask Ben Haim, when late in the Chelsea game wrapped his arms around Ade who brushed him aside like a rag-doll and promptly planted the ball in the back of the net past a despeiring Cech. Good goal called back by a wimpy ref but a perfect example of why he is a monster on the field for 90 minutes. But who must we believe? The armchair generals or real footballers?

  24. Ryan

    And yeah I agree the solution is to find out exactly how good our reserves are by giving them games. Which is I think basically what people are calling for. Maybe if we played Eduardo or Bendtner up front in a 4-4-2 with Ade regularly we’d be consistently worse than we are now, but it seems quite unlikely and people would like to see that gamble made considering what we’re doing currently is really struggling.

  25. Ryan

    But don’t you think that when our PL tactics and performances have been underwhelming ever since RvP got injured and we moved to a 4-5-1 ages ago that maybe we really need to act now to save our season. I mean we might beat Everton 1-0 with this formation and these players but if RvP for example was to get injured again for much of the season and we stick with this formation and these players I really think we’ll drop a lot of points in games which we have a real chance of. Middlesbrough, Newcastle and Portsmouth have all taken points from us in games that considering how the opposition played we really should have been looking at winning on paper. I know no team plays their best every week, but we’ve not been our best for ages so it’s clear that unless something changes very quickly we’ll quite likely continue dropping points against these kinds of teams which we weren’t doing at the start of the season.

  26. Ryan

    Shotta that’s exactly why Ade should be playing. Even IF he barely scored at all, teams don’t know how to cope with his presence. But I think he is way more effective as a decoy for another striker like RvP than by himself. With a world class forward like RvP who needs special attention defensively the last thing the opposition needs is a 6 foot god knows what guy who runs all day alongside him. I think between the two we have a potentially unstoppable patnership which either capable of doing the job if the other is marked out of the game, because marking both out of the game without handing the midfield on a plate to us is always going to be a huge task.

  27. jammathon

    Ryan: Bullseye. My kudos to that analysis.

  28. Norman

    Adebayor is USELESS!!!
    I cannot believe that you are giving him credit for things he cannot do.
    He cannot hold the ball up because when he tries to trap the ball facing his own goal the ball bounces three meters from his boot to an opposition player.
    He cannot head a ball if his life depended on it. Watch all the games and tell us how many times he actually comes in contact with the ball when he jumps for it? not many!
    How many times have the midfield sent some beautiful through balls only to find the goose offside? too many to count!
    How many times to you see breathtaking moves break down as soon as the ball reaches Adebayor? not many!
    How often do you actually see Adebayor out run a defender? not often!
    Adebayor is simply not good enough to be playing for Arsenal!
    We need to play 442 with the front line Bentner + RVP/Eduardo/Walcott

  29. Chris

    Adebayor tends to position himself in a characteristically utilitarian position with regards to the phenomenology of the post-Napoleonic democratic triumph. I recommend a more Machiavellian stance, which would allow for greater use of the deeper, a posteriori structures of an ontology grounded in a full phenomenologico-linguistic exploration of logos (i.e. Heidegger contra Gadamer). This way he could score more goals.

  30. Paul

    I totally agree with your views on Adebayor – i can’t believe the people that slag him off are actually Arsenal fans, certainly not ones that watch the games. He is not without faults (who is? even Henry occasionally went missing). He does get caught offside too often, and his finishing could be sharper at times. But his control, speed and work rate are first rate. (I can’t believe those who say he is lazy – what matches are they watching?? In fact I would say if anything AW should give him a rest sometimes as he must get knackered.) And he is exceptional at being the target man and holding the ball up. And you are right, he is only 23 too.

  31. raikun

    our midfielders have given their good jobs of giving a good pass to adebayor. But he just wasted most of it.Don’t you see if drogba were in the place of adebayor.He would definitely waste all the chance he got.Thats what we call a SUPERB STRIKER!!

    because the main job of striker is to score the goal.

  32. Ryan

    I loved Ade’s goal today! LOL considering it was an open goal he certainly made it look very difficult 😀

    But don’t get me wrong I think Ade’s very good, it was just a funny goal since his touch to take it towards goal was bad and it bounced :p

    How can people say his general first touch is bad? Did you not watch his goals vs Spurs? How about the goal against Newcastle? Come on at least watch Arsenal before you 6 year olds come here spamming DROGBA R 19X BETTER. He certainly needs to learn to time his runs better because he’s offside for a lot of good chances, but if he can sort that out he doesn’t have too many other major things to change. He just needs tweaking and at 23 I don’t think it’s exactly time to say he’ll not improve. Thinking about it how many 23 year olds are currently better than Ade at what he does? If you look really hard you might find a couple, but Drogba is aproaching 30 now and he didn’t even become a big name until he was about 25. Ade is already second top scorer in the PL at a younger age and he’s spent most of the season playing as a lone striker which he isn’t even comfortable doing. Give the man credit for that at least.

  33. Q

    Eduardo proved that he is by far the best finisher in the club. His stats this season are the best when it comes to efficiency (check out my blog for details and proof).

    As for Bendtner, very silly rash decision, purely down to lack of experience. We’ve seen it before with Denilson earlier this year and with Fabregas a couple of years ago. Lets just hope he learns from this.

  34. raikun

    yeah.even though i dont like ade, he is sometimes reliable for the to him for the last match