Third-Gen: New Year, New Look…

Just a quick update to say that Third-Gen’s look has been well and truly updated.

Let me know your thoughts on the layout, the readability, life in general, and the ultimate recipe for fine scotch fingers.

Au’voir for now. Viva le Arse.



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5 responses to “Third-Gen: New Year, New Look…

  1. sanderson10

    Looks good bro, keep up the work !

    and more on the Scotch Fingers can be found here


  2. I want to thank you guyz so much for giving as first class information concerning our beloved FC. i really feel indebted to third gen. I visit it almost everyday except sundays when am at home. sincerely of all arsenal blogs i trust 3rdG more coz you give more indepth and fair analysis of the situation. I wish you a prosperous 2008. Am Daniel in Uganda

  3. gogogunners

    sorry, i like the old one better! got problem……….i can’t see the “Home” tab !(used to be right before “about third gen” tab)

  4. jammathon

    Just click anywhere on the banner. There’s no problem with your browser, that’s how the template works.

    The new look is more than likely here to stay: If the blogger himself thinks his own template is unreadable, there’s probably a problem. So far, I have a good feeling about this new one.

  5. Q

    Hi, I just started my own Arsenal blog, and since this is a post about your new look and not football, this would be a perfect opportunity to ask about the league table you have on the top right as well as the latest game and upcoming game.

    How can I add those to my page?