Robin van Persie will make a Great Manager, One Day…

The news of the day centres around Arsenal’s injury problems in the leadup to our home tie against Birmingham, but given our opposition over the course of January, coupled by the quality of our stand-ins, Arsenal fans should not have to fret too much.

van Persie copyright The TelegraphNews broke out early this morning that Robin van Persie’s injury may not be as serious as first feared, but that a proper analysis cannot be made until he recovers from a flu he caught overnight. Seriously, could anyone make this up? Hopefully the Birmingham game is all he will miss, but at this stage, all he will be able to play as will be a substitute.

Many Arsenal fans are rightfully frustrated at his terrible tendency to get injured when we need him most, but it may pay to hold back some of the ire in the meantime. Currently, we have Adebayor, Eduardo, Bendtner and Walcott as striking options without van Persie for a start. Secondly, I am very sure that as van Persie gets older, his body will naturally toughen up and become more resistant to the injuries that are currently impeding his progress. We will be seeing him back in first-team action soon enough.

A quick note on the photograph used in the already linked article: there are some guys with stubble, and then there are some guys with good stubble. In as heterosexual a way as can possibly be said – van Persie has damn cool stubble. Now while I dont want Third-Gen renamed to ‘Pink Arsenal’ or any such thing, I must point out that all fashionable and decent European managers have had damn good stubble over the last few years. A sign of things to come? You decide!

The other injury news surrounds the centrebacks, of course. Johann Djourou will definitely not be making the side tomorrow, though Senderos’ injury is still under scrutiny. Walcott’s twisted ankle may not be as bad as first feared, neither.

In more upbeat news, Gilberto Silva has taken the time to berate Spurs for capitulating yet again after taking the lead. Gilberto spoke about their spurned chances, and the implications for the second leg, saying:

In the first half they created so many chances they could have killed the tie, but we escaped. They could have had two or three, but we didn’t give them so much space in the second half and we managed to get a goal. We are still in it, we are still alive. We know we have a difficult game at White Hart Lane, but we know what we have to do.

Maybe they are affected psychologically because they haven’t beaten us for so long. I think it is hard to beat a team when you haven’t done so for many years. It’s important that we got the draw. It wasn’t the result we wanted, but to get a draw after being 1-0 down was good.

And spot on he is too. Yes, Spurs were the better side, but that will not always dictate the result in your favour. Mental toughness is something they have not had in literally decades, and is something this young side seems to gain after every match. Gilberto also speaks in another article about how he handles not being in the first team at the moment. An interesting read – you would have to think he would buck up his form at some point, though? He will certainly prove his usefulness in the weeks ahead.

Finally, we leave the sour crud until last. Lassana Diarra is reportedly unhappy with the proposed offers coming his way from Newcastle, and wants to join Spurs instead. Whatever blows your hair back, Lassana.

And that’s really all there is, today. There should be confirmations and such like things tomorrow when we preview the Birmingham game. Despite the injuries and international-commitments, we should be able to have enough about us to see off the Brum. More tomorrow, as and when it comes.




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15 responses to “Robin van Persie will make a Great Manager, One Day…

  1. east at the grove

    I didn’t see the point in rushing him back for the slags game to be honest. Eduardo has been playing brilliantly and Walcott could always have covered that position.

  2. Dolomite

    Apparently the scumbag that is Diarra wants a 4 year contract worth £18M, this on top of a £5.5M fee….he is fast becoming the new Anelka….let him go and take away his disruptive influence….

  3. besor

    justin hoyte should keep his place at cb in absence of our regulars. i think he look very decent at the centre against spuds rather than at the right side. i think mostly becoz he is better in defending than attacking. at least he’s much better than djourou in that particular game.

  4. Aminda

    i am frustrated with robin. what is wrong with him? I hope we get him to play atleast 2 games in a row

  5. Aminda

    when can he actually play 10 or 12 games a season? ha? ROBIN I AM TALKING TO YOU!!!!

  6. doh!

    why is he getting injured like micheal owen?????????? COMON ROBIN………PLEASE GET FIT!!!!!!

  7. gooooooner 4 lyfe

    I love robin when he plays but when he doesn’t i hate him!!!! just joking!!!


  8. robin where are you

    are you ever gonna get fit??? ha!!!!

    comon robin!!!!! SHOW US WHO U ARE@!!!!

  9. robin where are you

    arent you coming back? dont frustrate us with your stupid injuries!!!!!

  10. A2Gooner

    I agree about Hoyte at CB. Djourou seemed to want to dribble through traffic every time he touched the ball the other night. Maybe he played DM too much when he was on loan. Hoyte has the size and speed to complement Gallas. Also, Gallas can help him learn the CB job on the pitch. That is a much better alternative to moving Sagna over IMO.

  11. casicky

    Diarra should jus go now,apparently he hasnt ruled out staying at the Emirates but thats jus ridiculous he aint that good a player that he can keep a club as big as Arsenal waiting on him to make a decision.he has brought an injection of pace,hunger and heart when he plays in the midfield jus like his fellow french man_Mathieu_but he cant hold us to ransom.

    Wenger likes him and had been after him for a while ever since he got Diaby thats why its difficult to see him go,but i feel if Wenger held him in such high regard he would have played him more but he hasnt so thats that.

    Gilberto is a nightmare currently,his worse than he was when he came into the team for the first time,Denii has been below average lately and Diaby makes me sick,ok his great at dribbling but he never knows when to pass i feel playing him out on the wing has killed off the natural ability he showed earlier on when playing thru the mid.

    um worried bout the defence,Senderos is jus a sack of sand at the moment what is going on in his head we cant keep saying his confidence will come bak he has played enuf games for that confidence to come back i mean he has been given them armband enuf times he needs to wake up um jus past feeling sorry for me infact some of the decisions he makes these days jus get on my nerves.

    too many players have been laid back lately…Senderos,Diaby,Gilberto and even Denilson…that is jus too many players to be laying under par at this time of the season esp when we have players away and injuries mounting…um terrribly frustrated and i feel its time Wenger gets off his backside and gets in some signings.

    its fine if we performing above wat he expected and jus coz he feels next season will be our season doesnt mean we shudnt make a real go of it i mean who knows next season might be diffrent we will lose a coupkle of games and we could be out of the race things like that happen we have to grab this chance with both hands we could win a lot this season.

  12. ArsenalAttict135

    I just have something to say about our back four. I think that we instead of playing either of the swiss, we should put SAGNA in the center and drop back eboue into right back, or even play Hoyte.Sagna is a much more reliable defender and isn’t too bad in the air. What Do you guys think?

  13. the artist formerly known as eboue's hand

    Sagna at centre back and Eboue at right back? try proposing this theory in six weeks or so when eboue is back from the African Nations! Hoyte actually looked promising at centre back so perhaps deserves more games there. I’ve no doubt that Sagna would be fine at centre back but he is extremely good going forward and I’ve no doubt thats part of the reason why wenger bought him. We would actually lose part of our attacking game without him there. Think of the work he did for Cesc’s goal against United and Adebayor’s against Villa.

  14. red4red

    i don’t wish to see sanderos at cb he is a real problem to ars back four. he’s getting slower than ever, he can’t make decision. i mean come on a defender of his size and age should at least clever enuf to anticipate/read a move by opponent striker. he really reminds me of cygan and m sure everyone still remember how cygan made us sick when he’s playing.

    as for diarra, can we have the trust that wenger will handle this smartly. afterall le boss knows.

  15. cjones

    When van Persie is on of course he is a sight to behold. But the last month has shown that Eduardo is a rather able deputy. Ice cold when given an inch, and capable of incisive passes that van Persie would be proud of show he can create quite well on top of that. Sagna and Eduardo changed the tie against Sp*rs. So with Eduardo up front with Adebayor (who’s finaly got some time to put his feet up) I feel pretty good about tomorrow’s game against Brum. We’re at home, we gotta be going forward, regardless of who’s playing centre-back. It pains me to say, but Song has looked quite good from centre back so far this year in the CC, could he be in the reckoning? I put his form in front of Jourou’s at any rate. Also, I heard Diarra wanted 90 000 pounds a week from Newcastle. Delude from grandeur much?