The $64,000 Flamini Question

A slow news day in the week between two dropped points and a short trip to Fulham. An unlucky streak of bad health for yours truly means we’ll keep today’s entry short but sweet, giving more time to Senor Lie-Down and a bit of site maintenance.

The only real news-news going around is that of the continued lack of a signature on a new contract for Matthieu Flamini. The midfield-terrier has been in superb form this season, and calls for him to sign a new contract have been vocalised with fervour throughout the season.

Arsene Wenger himself has tried to sign him onto a new deal, but so far the negotiations have not reached a resolution. Of this, Wenger says:

I am hopeful on it [Flamini signing a new contract]. I am not concerned. Mathieu is free to talk, but the talks [with Arsenal] are ongoing.

The midfielder is being constantly linked with a move to Juventus, though whether Flamini would want a move to the matchfixers while his close friends Hleb and Fabregas stay behind is another question.

At the end of the day, Flamini’s gone very Ubermensch on Arsenal; pretty much establishing himself as a key man to whatever title bid Arsenal have. Because of this, I’m sure Wenger will acknowledge the bargaining chip Mathieu may have in a negotiation, and give him the deal befitting of his stay in the side.

Wenger has also spoken of Nicolas Anelka’s transfer to Chelsea, admitting as much that he entertained thoughts of bringing the former Arsenal player back to his old club. Chelsea have gone and gotten themselves one hell of a player in Nicolas, and Wenger reflects on the choice to not re-sign him:

I considered him because he wanted to put things right. I thought ‘Is it right to get a player back who has left?’ We have kept a straight policy – if he has left, we accept it.

And that’s that with Anelka. The manager also spent some time saying stuff about Anfield not being as intimidating as Goodison Park – how he has any interest in stoking that old rivalry of the Scousers’, I dont know. Sweden and Brazil are scheduled to play at the Emirates soon, and the club are also being linked with a Ghanian winger (hooray). The Luke ‘Gordon’ Freeman saga carries on, with Gillingham officials saying the transfer has not happened yet.

It’s about time some pictures were released of Luke Freeman so we can get an idea of what the kid looks like – One blogger who got a good look was our old friend Sanderson, who you may remember from Arsenal Youths and Reserves Blog. The kid’s a good friend of mine, but unfortunately ran into a bit of legal trouble connected with his blog, which got taken down by the suits. He deserves your support while he tries to get his new blog up, Youngguns, so go have a look at what he’s busy concocting.

And with that, I’m buggering off. Stay healthier than me in the meantime. Adios.



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5 responses to “The $64,000 Flamini Question

  1. (artist formerly known as)eboue's hand

    Nietzsche and Flamini? Pretty sure you’re the first to make that link. Good work. Surreal, but good.

  2. I support the chase of the GHANIAN winger AYEW because we obvious lack a natural left winger which sometimes exposes the team weakness on the left side of I strongly believe he will be a good buy if we eventually land him.

  3. SIR,WENGER should do everything within his power to keep FLAMINI at the emirate stadium next season cos his partnership with HLEB,ROSICK and the midfield general, FABREPASS sorry”FABREGAS will be envied by many clubs next season.

  4. We dont need to sign a winger, we have Vela coming back in the summer. He is MUSTARD!!!

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