Too much Reality, Not Enough Fanciful Transfers In This Headline…

Anyone notice the string of websites (I name no names…) that try to engineer more hits by listing the Dimitriev’s, Dimitrov’s and Detinho’s in their headlines? Anyone notice the monotony of Newsnow’s top stories? Anyone care to tell me how many of these fanciful rumours will actually materialise into signings? Is it that time of year again? Or is it just me?

We’ll stick to more solid Arsenal news (even if it is a rarity at the moment), with Gael Clichy expecting a much more comprehensive performance against Fulham on Saturday. After our stalemate against Birmingham, the players will need to give themselves a right bollocking in a hope to turn in a performance we have all been craving since the first half against Aston Villa. Gael Clichy had this to say:

…we have to focus again and work hard in the next game because this was not enough. But that is the danger when you play so well from the first game in the Premier League, you do not have to question yourself after every game.

“Let’s get on with the job now. We have to refocus, everyone, and move forwards. I do not think the mentality is gone. We are still there for the title and we are going to show that against Fulham in the next match.

The left-back also points out that Manchester United were two points ahead prior to the new year, so talk of ‘Man Utd’s league to lose’ is premature at best.

Things go south pretty quickly with the remainder of stories concerning transfer speculation, which I hate. Diarra’s saga rumbles on with him now likely to join Portsmouth (the ambition is astounding), and Russian captain Arshavin is being linked to Arsenal, but will end up at Spurs. Sorry chum, but we cannot help the fact there’s some club down the road who want to get ‘one up’ on their neighbours by signing yet another average player. Like we need another playmaker, anyway.

That is really all there is, alas. Come Friday, with the press conference, there may be a few more tidbits to share, but right now, it is a figurative barren wasteland of news.

I’m sure we can all sit tight in the meantime? I certainly am: This transfer window is as underwhelming as they come. More tomorrow.



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  1. rajon

    Arshavin is not average. I feel quite impressed by him. He seems that he can become quite a class player.