Who needs Diarra when you have Gilbert?

There once used to be a thing called ‘Arsenal news’ many moons ago – a time when iconic clocks were being put up at Highbury, four goals being scored in the last five minutes of cup finals, and busts of the club’s greatest manager being unveiled. There are many repetitive strains in the news patterns this season that lead me to conclude – albeit prematurely – that this season has been the most repetitive in this regard.

And we’ll repeat the news that Lassana Diarra has signed the dotted line for Portsmouth; Arsenal getting to pocket a cool £5.5million for a player they paid £2million for. The criticism of Diarra’s decision is widespread enough: He certainly has been ill-advised in this decision, with Flamini and Gilberto’s future far from certain at the moment.

Concerning the latter two midfielders, it certainly is a cause for concern that Flamini’s contract remains unsigned for, with Gilberto more than likely heading to pastures’ new in the summer. Hopefully more news is forthcoming with one or both the midfielders.

-{…a nondescript Englishman took to the field at right back and practically blew away a section of the Arsenal crowd…}-

One player who wont be leaving any time soon, but sees it fit to repeat another old liner to us is Bacary Sagna. The rightback stalwart speaks of the media writing Arsenal off prior to season’s start, and that this spurred all the players on (as we already know from being told so many countless times). Bacary says:

Before the start of the season, everyone was speaking about our team, and it being young. We wanted to show them we can play better and better, even if we are younger. We have shown how mentally strong we are and that we can win even if we are losing.

I particularly like the ‘we can win even if losing’ contradiction, but I know what he means. Another player in the wings for the right back slot is the semi-forgotten Englishman Kerrea Gilbert, who has been on loan to a host of different clubs over the past two seasons. Ordinarily, this would be Wenger’s death knell to your chances at Arsenal, but Gilbert is planning to do away with that trend, saying:

I think I can make it as Arsenal’s right back but another loan spell is not out of the question to help me develop.

I remember in the 05/06 season, when we were absolutely shafted by injuries along our backline, a nondescript Englishman took to the field at right back and practically blew away a section of the Arsenal crowd, eventually landing the Arsenal Player of the Month gong at the time. If those performances of Kerrea were anything to go by, I’d be happy for him to prove us all wrong with a successful loan and his competing for a place in next season’s side. He has elements of Sagna and Micah Richards in him, though his temperament needs quite a bit of work.

-{…hopefully it will be less of a bruising encounter than in the short-lived Allardyce days.}-

Finally, a quick note to the Kevin Keagan madness enveloping the Toon. What an hilarious club, truly. It does mean we will have a hyped up team to play twice in quick succession soon, and hopefully it will be less of a bruising encounter than in the short-lived Allardyce days.

Thinking of Allardyce – where on earth will his next job come from? Fulham? Back at Bolton? Perhaps Oldham Athletic? That’s what you get for thinking you’re the best manager in England, Sam.

Don’t you wish there were more news? I know I do. More when it comes…I hope.



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7 responses to “Who needs Diarra when you have Gilbert?

  1. Casicky

    There is no escaping it Diarra is a class player and i would have been really pleased if he had stayed becoz the truth of the matter is we need a bench that can challenge our first team that will eventually having us challenging for the top crown.

    …..but damn that boy is an idiot!!what the hell is he going to pompey for the only explanation is that he really wants to go to spurs and there is no way he was going directly from the class to the ass.

    Pompey dont really need him long term,when the ACN contigent returns he will be fighting again for a starting slot and i can only see both him and Harry agreeing this is short term where as all the other interested parties (Keegan’s Kinks) would have wanted him long term so making his exit from there near enough impossible

    Anyway good luck Lassana(i need to be no.1)Diarra , i feel Arsenal failed as a club to build on having a squad and that will be our downfall

  2. maxi

    better. now arsenal can bring new and of course better than diarra.

  3. jazbo

    Poor Lassie, he’s made a stupid mistake that will haunt him for the rest of his life.
    Now the good news, it is my humble opnion that in the young Arsenal reserve player, Barazite, we have a player who will turn out to be the next big thing from Holland, he’s back in full training after his injury at Blackburn during the Carling cup match.
    Time for Arsene to push him foreward!

  4. I’ve seen Barazite used as more of an attacking midfielder though, we don’t have alot of defensive midfielders besides Flamini, Gilberto and Denilson. IMO Arsene is probably going to promote Randall in place of Diarra.

  5. I really feel disappointed with Diarra, he knew the class arsnal had and had 2 prove he was the real class that needed to be on the arsenal pitch. “NO WONDER GILBERTO WAS ABOUT TO LEAVE, BUT WE ARE KEEPING THE LAZY-OLD-CLUMZY BRAZILIAN BECAUSE OF HIM” HELP US GOD

  6. trooper101x

    we should be trying to get rid of the likes of gilberto,denilson,diaby,song,walcott and senderosas as these players are not performing and are lack luster when given the chance.we should be doing everything possible to keep players like diarra who have skills and can help us to achieve the ultimate prize.seen it to many times before edu say no more the guy had skills.i have been very impressed with edwardo,hleb,flamini,and toure this season they all are 150% every game respect.just as long as the mancs dont win f all ill be happy.

  7. trooper101x