Walcott the Kid and van Persie’s Kid Gloves

Gearing up to our away-clash to Fulham today, Arsene Wenger goes on a bit of a tirade directed at his own decisions, and a certain Englishman for the future…

Arsene Wenger has said that he is not too chuffed with the progress made by young Theo Walcott so far in his fledgling career. In his two-ish seasons with Arsenal, the young striker has netted only four goals so far, but Wenger is both critical yet cautious in his assessment of Walcott. While acknowledging that he expects Walcott to eventually fulfill his potential, Wenger admits the media spotlight on Walcott does not help, saying:

The expectation level is very high because he is very young and he has been projected early into the spotlight.

He feels the pressure. He wants to fulfil the ambitions and expectation level that people have for him. But I still believe he is strong enough and good enough to make it.

Arsene Wenger has also said that rushing Robin van Persie back into action against Tottenham was a big mistake, after the striker’s diagnosis showed he will be out for another month with a recurrence of his thigh strain. Wenger says:

Maybe we made a mistake to play him in the Carling Cup, because we wanted to rush him a little bit back after the muscular problems and were not cautious enough maybe on the night. This time we will have to be very patient.

When a player has waited for so long and is ready to play, you are under pressure a bit from him as well because he feels he can play. Also, when you have been out for a few months, you need some games to get back to your best. You want to give him those games as soon as possible.

At the end of the day, I do not feel we made the right decision to play him on the night.

Now, we are all justifiably worried by this awful streak of injuries Robin van Persie has suffered. What everyone wants to know is, is it indicative of a long term Michael Owen-case of glasswork? I do not think (and I certainly hope not) that Robin will come through this as long as the management demonstrate more patience in him, and more faith in the current crop of strikers other than van Persie.

Something which has not been coming from the fans, certainly – while Eduardo has shut up my criticism of him lately, one man people still wont quite accept into the Arsenal team is the now crowned BBC African Player of the Year, Emmanuel Adebayor. Some may say he got this award for being the leading scorer in African qualifying matches, rather than the fact that he is the current runner-up in the Premier League scoring charts.

There’s no pleasing some people, I guess. He wasn’t shirked for competition, neither. Didier Drogba was shunted into second place, and the powerful Michael Essien got third ahead of the dangerous Freddie Kanoute and injury-prone Samuel Eto’o. And let’s not forget: the kid’s only 23.

190108fulhamAnd of course, we have a match on tonight. The squad tonight should be fairly easy to predict, injuries permitting.

Rosicky should return in place of Theo Walcott, while Eduardo and Adebayor continue to hold the front in van Persie’s extended absence. The one interesting thing to look out for in today’s match will be to see how Senderos continues from his good showing against Birmingham last time out.

With Fulham acquiring some new transfers, including the likes of Marlon King, it will be a mix of their trying to prove themselves in front of their home fans, at the cost of a gelled team ethic. Hopefully this is a weakness this Arsenal team can exploit, but caution, especially after that Birmingham performance, is well advised.

I’m hoping, as always, for an Arsenal win, but it certainly will not be as easy as Fulham’s position on the ladder suggests. More tomorrow, with hopefully three points to report on. Up the Arse, always.



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7 responses to “Walcott the Kid and van Persie’s Kid Gloves

  1. john

    I thought at the time Wenger made a mistake by playing Van Persie in the Carling Cup. Normally you dont start someone in the first half when they have been injured a long time. I would have tried him out in the fitness room first before on the field. If I was forced then would have for just 2-5 minutes before the end of the game.

    I think wenger made a big mistake with Walcott by bringing him back to Arsenal. He should have loaned him back to Southampton for six months then brought him backto try him in the Squad. He was hyped up before the World cup by wenger and then to put him through the Wings which did not suit his style of play. I am a bit concerned here as if you are going to be that striker you need to take on players at the wing which walcott did not find to his liking. Mayhe he has stepped up in class too quick

  2. JohnDemetriou

    Well done. You beat Fulham, a side almost guaranteed for relegation to the Championship.

    What a scalp. Pat on the back there.

  3. Anonymous

    you must be a man u fan you nobhead

  4. Anonymous

    suck me cock john u dickhead

  5. trooper101x

    listen john u bell end, we needed to win today to keep the pressure on man u and chelsea.we ve messed up against the likes of brum and that might cost us,although im hoping that we have enough about us this season to go the full hog.walcott is a waste of time and money he s been given enough of a chance at this level to perform and just hasnt. he s shit, and we should get rid of the tool.van the man has had a rare season too, however he has proven himself on numerous occasions and i have no dought that when he is eventially fully fit that he will start destroying oppositions nets with his left foot.we should get rid of the following bags of shit for thier own respectability senderos, denillson, diaby, bentner,song, gilberto as when they have been given the chance to play they have been far to lack luster and dont make enough effert.the likes of hleb, flamini, toure and edwardo are the only players of which there can be no question, every game 150% these 4 players have been brilliant for the arsenal.whatever happens i hope the dirty mancs dont win anything.

  6. trooper101x

    gutted wenger got rid of diarra, he had skills. edwardo is a quality signing and will be a legend for the gooners.hope wenger gets shot of the shit players soon.senderos, diaby, song, bentdner, gilberto, wolcott, denillson all of which need to pull their finger out and start earning their money.

  7. JohnDemetriou


    What a lucky, yet highly mediocre and underperforming side Arsenal is.

    And you glory hunting bores get stick your head down the toilet and get flushing. Whatever happens, you’re coming away with nil silver, and it’s clearly because your sad boring negative side are a busted flush.

    All the best!